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Luce Foundation Fellowships

The Luce Scholars Program is open to seniors, graduate students, alumni from recent classes and junior faculty.

It places young scholars from a wide variety of intellectual fields in 10-month internships in 15 different countries in East, Southeast and South Asia. Past assignments have included settings as diverse as an architect’s office, a newspaper, a forestry project, a family planning center, a hospital and local government agencies.

The program places young scholars from a wide variety of intellectual fields in 10-month internships in selected countries in Asia. Those who already have significant experience in Asia or Asian studies are not eligible. Candidates however may have taken Asian language or Asia-focused courses on a U.S. campus (without majoring in Asian Studies). They may have spent up to a total of twelve weeks, or have participated in a university-organized summer program, in one or more countries where Luce Scholars are placed. (If in doubt as to whether your prior experience disqualifies you, please contact Casey Johnson CIS will contact the Luce Foundation to seek clarification.)

Nominees must be American citizens not yet 30 years old on July 1, 2017, who have earned at least a bachelor's degree or expect to receive one by July 1, 2017 and who are in good physical condition and emotional health.

Full information is available on the Luce Foundation website.

PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATES MUST APPLY THROUGH CIS. MIT/CIS is permitted to forward THREE applications to the Luce Foundation. Applications must be received by CIS by Thursday, OCTOBER 20th, 2016. The successful applications will be selected by CIS and forwarded to the Luce Foundation.

Application forms are available on the Luce Foundation website.

Casey is willing to review draft applications prior to submission if provided by October 10th.


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