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As the culmination of our many activities, the Jerusalem 2050 project is now ready to launch the Just Jerusalem Competition. The goal of the Just Jerusalem competition is to generate new approaches to, and potential solutions for, the many complex, seemingly intractable problems that the residents of Jerusalem face on a daily basis. By looking at future possibilities for a pluralist, just, and sustainable city shared by Palestinians and Israelis, we hope to encourage new ways of thinking about the many difficult issues and hardships faced by Jerusalemites, regardless of their faith or ethnicity.

The competition opened March 2, 2007 and closed December 31, 2007. We received 149 entries. The jury met the weekend of March 14, 2008 and chose 4 winning entries and 7 honorable mentions. The winners spent the Fall 2009 semester at MIT as Jerusalem Visionary Fellows.

Fellows' webpages -- Coming Soon!

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