MIT Center for International Studies

The MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) and
Center for International Studies (CIS)
invite you to attend a special spring semester colloquium series

"The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq"

Organized and moderated by Dr. Yosef Jabareen, DUSP

The physical, economic, and social consequences of the former regime in Iraq , the involvement in several wars since 1979, the 13 years of international sanctions, and the occupation of Iraq by the US and its allies since April 2003, have left a ravaged country and have fragmented Iraqi society. Since its occupation of Iraq , the US has promoted a grand project aiming to reconstruct 'a new Iraq ' and to restructure its economy and politics. The main objectives of this MIT colloquium are to discuss various perspectives on the reconstruction of Iraq through a variety of lenses, and to illuminate its spatial, economic, social, and political complexities. It is open to faculty, students, and practitioners.
Each of the seven sessions examines different aspects of the reconstruction mission:

U.S Planning and Realities of Post-war Iraq
(Monday, February 14th) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Series Introductions from Professor Lawrence Vale, Head, DUSP; and Dr. Yosef Jabareen, DUSP
Charles N. Patterson, Snr. Associate, C&O Resources, Inc.
David J. Nash, Fmr. Director, Iraq Project and Contracting Office (Baghdad)
Professor Harvey Sapolsky, Director, MIT Security Studies Program

2. Politics and Society in Iraq in the 20th Century
(Tuesday, March 1st) (MIT Rm. 6-120)
Professor Sami Zubaida, Birkbeck University of London
Professor Diane Davis, Associate Dean, DUSP

3. Comparative Insights: Marshall Plan, Japan, and Iraq
(Monday, March 7th) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Professor John Dower, MIT History Department
Professor Charles S. Maier, Harvard History Department
Professor Bish Sanyal, MIT DUSP

4. Constructing 'A New Liberal Iraq'
(Monday, April 4th) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Professor Robert Looney, Naval Postgraduate School
John Tirman, Executive Director, MIT Center for International Studies

5. Consolidating Iraqi Democracy: The Institutional Context
 (Monday, April 11th) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Professor Noah Feldman, NYU School of Law
Professor Kanan Makiya, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Brandeis University

6. The Arab Discourse and the International Role
(Monday, April 25th) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Hafez Mirazi, Washington Bureau Chief, Al-Jazeera

7. Constructing 'A New Middle East'
(Monday, May 2nd) (MIT Rm. 3-270)
Professor Stephen Van Evera, MIT Political Science Dept. and Associate Director, CIS
Professor Naseer Aruri, Political Science Dept., UMass/Dartmouth
Professor Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT DUSP, and Director, MIT Program on Human Rights and Justice

All sessions ran from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

This series is co-sponsored by MIT's Center for International Studies and the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, under the leadership of CIS Director Richard Samuels and DUSP Head Lawrence Vale.


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