CMS.845:Non-linear and Interactive Narrative - Theory & Practice

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Spring 2004
Interactive Narrative Projects

The first project explores notions of non-/multi-linear and/or interactive narratives such as reader involvement, evolving narrative structure, role of the author(s), etc.

To make things a little more complex, the first project needs to be based on two forms of media: image and text; with the additional twist that should be a discrepancy in obvious meaning of the text based and the image-based narrative (c.f Story Art).

Audio Narrative Projects Audio projects that either:
• use original sounds to form a narrative or a soundscape
• explore spoken non-linear narratives in a shared environment
• combine written and spoken narratives to form a coherent experience

Final Projects

Final projects fall into one of 4 categories:

1) Game concept
Develop a through concept for a game that plays with the notion of
multiple and parallel narratives, multiple point of views, and characters.
The project also needs to provide a clear concept for the interaction of the
users/gamers with the game, its characters, and the plot(s). Please
document your project thoroughly and prepare a class presentation that
visualizes your game concept.

2) Transformation of an existing narrative into a digital space
Similarly to the first assignment you can take an existing narrative and
turn it into an interactive/non-linear story. Your project can also contain
multimedia elements. The documentation needs to describe sufficiently in
what way your implementation adds to the reader’s experience.

3) Digital multimedia project
This project should explore notions of narrative, interactivity, character
development, and interface with a variety of media such as video, audio,
text, animation, images, etc. This project needs to be accompanied by a
detailed documentation of the overall concept, its implementation and
envisioned user experience.

4) Extension of one of the previous class projects
You can extend one of your previous class projects (non-linear narrative
and audio project). The final project needs to show a significant
enhancement/modification form the original version. The final project
needs to be fully implemented. Documentation about the changes, the
concept behind it and implementation notes need to be provided as well.