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ResearchslashSRA 01

SRA 1: Lightweight, Multifunctional Nanostructured Fibers and Materials

This SRA emphasizes creation of nano-scale and nano-structured building blocks to provide diverse protective capabilities such as sensing, communications, night vision, electronic devices, and visibility management. Examples of these building blocks are nanocrystallites (quantum dots), novel carbon forms (graphenes, carbon nanotubes), optoelectronic fibers, coatings, interfaces, and hybrid nano-structures. The Research in this SRA consists of 6 projects which are divided up among 4 Themes.


Theme 1.1: Quantum Dots for Wide-Bandwidth Imaging and Communications

  • Project 1.1.1: Hybrid Quantum Dot-Based Imagers and Emitters with Broadly Tunable Spectral Characteristics

    Theme 1.2: Nanoscale Carbon Forms for Situational Awareness

  • Project 1.2.1: Graphene Devices for Next-Generation Night Vision Systems

    Theme 1.3: High-Functionality Nanostructured Surface Capabilities

  • Project 1.3.1: Nanostructured Hybrid Interfaces
  • Project 1.3.2: Responsive Surface Texturing and Coloring
  • Project 1.3.3: Enabling Architectures and Technologies for Next-Generation Fiber Devices

    Theme 1.4: Environmental Obfuscation and Extended Reach Situational Awareness

  • Project 1.4.1: Tailored Nano-particles for Obscurant Applications

    MIT Building NE47, 4th Floor, 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 324-4700