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SRA 4: Hazardous Substances Sensing, Recognition, and Protection

SRA4 focuses on high-sensitivity detection of molecularly complicated hazardous substances, e.g., chem/bio agents, food-born pathogens, and individual toxicants in complex organic mixtures, and on methods to detect human exposure to toxins and to protect humans from hazardous biological substances such as viruses and bacteria.

Theme 4.1: Sensing of Toxic Substances, Exposure Biomarkers and Explosives Using Integrated Nano- structured Platforms

  • Project 4.1.1: Graphene Sensing for Detection of Foodborne and Other Pathogens
  • Project 4.1.2: Resistivity-Based Microfluidic Biosensing
  • Project 4.1.3: Rugged, High Sensitivity Integrated Photonic Chemical Sensing
  • Project 4.1.4: Molecular Recognition Using Carbon Nanotube Adsorbed Polymer and Bio-Polymer Phases — Synthetic Nanotube Templated Antibodies
  • Theme 4.2: Quantum Dots for Chem/Bio Sensing

  • Project 4.2.1: Chem-Bio Analyte Sensing with Hybrid Quantum Dot Constructs

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