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Project 5.1.1: Ferroelectric Acoustic Fibers

We recently reported on the discovery of a multimaterial piezoelectric fiber which is a fully functional acoustic electrically-addressable fiber transducer. The availability of multimaterial ferroelectric fibers presents compelling new opportunities for light weight, large area acoustic transduction elements that are monolithic and can be readily integrated into the battlesuit. However, the ubiquitous deployment of these devices depends importantly on addressing a number of challenges associated with materials properties, device architecture, impedance matching and signal localization. In this project, we propose to research the mechanical/acoustic and electrical properties of these novel acoustic fibers and explore the new degrees of design freedom offered by the unique fiber form-factor. We will investigate the use of new materials, novel structures, and nanometer length scales in ferroelectric fibers to optimize the overall device performance. In particular we propose to develop sensitive ferroelectric fibers that will form the basis for acoustic surveillance capabilities such as large-area microphones for acoustic source localization and acoustic imaging. We propose to develop wearable fibers that could play an important role in enhancing soldier performance on battlefield by early detection of the conditions leading to blast-induced traumatic brain injury, by providing high-density energy-storage for pulsed energy devices, and by providing climate control through the electrocaloric effect.


Project 5.1.1 Researchers

Prof. Yoel Fink, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. John D. Joannopoulos, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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