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Project 5.2.2: Enabling Novel Lightwave Phenomena

Nano-photonics is a sub-field of nanotechnology that deals with photons. In recent years, the field of nano- photonics has witnessed a dramatic growing evolution both in terms of advanced fabrication techniques and in terms of fundamental science. We believe that the Soldier could eventually benefit greatly benefit from this ongoing scientific and technological progress, if this research were focused on the thrusts closer to applications of interest for the Soldier. In this vein, we propose to study how nano-photonics could enable all-optical integrated circuits, novel terahertz sources, novel improved lasers, and also how it could be used to control the near-field (Casimir) forces, as well as near-field thermal energy transfer.

Project 5.2.2 Researchers

Prof. Yoel Fink
, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Prof. John D. Joannopoulos, Department of Physics
Prof. Marin Soljacic, Department of Physics

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