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Project 5.3.1: Novel Thermal Radiation Management Using Advanced Photonic Crystals

In this project we will explore the theory, design, fabrication, and system integration of novel Photonic Crystal (PhC) nano-structured materials that provide unprecedented control of thermal radiation in infrared (IR) wavelength range (near-, mid- and far-IR). Goals of this project are to develop the basic understanding of interactions of thermal radiation with PhCs at nanoscales to develop novel large-scale nano- and micro-fabrication technologies towards full integration of high-temperature PhC materials on silicon MEMs platforms and other metalodielectric material systems. The applications of IR PhCs range from IR sensors, IR sources and markers, micro-climate control and lightweight power for enhanced battlesuit functionality and protection for the Soldier.


Project 5.3.1 Researchers

Dr. Ivan Celanovic
, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Prof. Peter Fisher, Department of Physics
Prof. John D. Joannpoulos, Department of Physics
Prof. Marin Soljacic, Department of Physics

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