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Inventor Invention

Charles Babbage Difference Engine

David Bacon Innovations in Programming Languages and Real-Time Computing

John Backus Fortran

Leo Baekeland Plastic

Ralph Baer Video Games

Leonard Bailey Tools

Nathan Ball
(MIT Student Prize Winner)
ATLAS Powered Rope Ascender

Sookie Bang Bacterial Cement

Paul Baran Digital packet-switching

John Bardeen, William Shockley & Walter Brattain Transistor

Geoffrey Barrows Optic-Flow Sensor Technology

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi The Statue of Liberty

Otis Barton Bathysphere

Patricia Bath Apparatus to Remove Cataracts

Eben Bayer & Gavin McIntyre Greensulate

Trevor Baylis Wind-up Radio

Alfred Beach Pneumatic Transit System

Arnold O. Beckman The pH Meter

Charles William Beebe Underwater Exploration

S. Joseph Begun Magnetic Recording

Angela Belcher Biological Engineering Processes for Electronic Materials

Ruth Benerito
(Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner)
"Easy-Care" Cotton

Stephen Benton Hologram, Benton

Emile Berliner Disk Gramophone

Tim Berners-Lee The World Wide Web

David Berry Dimeric FGF2

Henry Bessemer Bessemer Process

Patricia Bianconi Artificial Diamonds

Patricia Billings Geobond®

Eric Bina Internet Browser Technology

Edward Binney and Harold Smith Crayola Crayons

Forrest Bird Medical Respirator

Clarence Birdseye Retail Frozen Foods

Hazel Bishop Long-Lasting Lipstick

John Blackburn Bull Ex

Helen Augusta Blanchard Sewing Machine Improvements

Ernesto E. Blanco Stair-climbing Wheelchair

Katherine Blodgett Nonreflecting Glass

Bessie Blount Self-Feeding Device for Amputees

Walter Bogdon Bogdon Reception Stick

Nils Bohlin Three-point Safety Belt

Gail Borden   Condensed Milk

Amar Bose Direct/Reflecting audio speakers

Bill Bowerman The Modern Athletic Shoe

Herbert Boyer
(Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner)
Genetic Engineering

Otis F. Boykin Electrical Resistor and Variable Resistor

David J. Bradley Control-Alt-Delete

Vitale Bramani Vibram

Charles Brannock Foot Measuring Device

Walter Brattain, William Shockley & John Bardeen Transistor

Allen Breed Automotive Airbags

Sergey Brin & Larry Page Google (PageRank)

Tana Brinnand MouseMitts

Marie Van Brittain Brown and Albert L. Brown audio-visual door-monitor / home security system

Rachel Brown Antifungal Drug Nystatin

Colin Bulthaup & Eric Wilhelm Liquid Embossing

Luther Burbank "Idaho" Potato

William Seward Burroughs Adding Machine

William Burton Catalytic Cracking

Ilene Busch-Vishniac Sound Absorption

Vannevar Bush Hypertext

David Bushnell The Submarine

Nolan Bushnell Pong

Alfred Butts Scrabble


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