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Inventor Invention

Raymond V. Damadian
(Lifetime Achievement)
Magnetic Resonance Scanning Machine

Howard Dananberg Insolia (Shoe Insert)

Newman Darby Windsurfing

Charles Darrow Monopoly (TM)

Mark Edward Dean and Dennis Moeller Industry Standard Architecture Bus

George DeCell SafetyCaps

John Deere Self-polishing Cast Steel Plow (TM)

Lee DeForest Triode Amplifier

George de Mestral VelcroŽ

Ronald Demon Smart Shoe

Robert Dennard Dynamic Random Access Memory

Joseph DeSimone Green Manufacturing

Jackie Diaz Culinique®

Earle Dickson Band-Aid® Adhesive Bandage

Rudolph Diesel Diesel Engine

Carl Dietrich Personal Air Vehicle

Daniel DiLorenzo
(MIT Student Prize Winner)
Neuroelectric Systems

Walt Disney Multiplane Camera

Ray Dolby Dolby® Noise Reduction System

Marion Donovan Disposable Diaper

Henry Dow Bromine Extraction Process

Charles Stark Draper Gyroscopic Apparatus

Charles Richard Drew Blood Bank

Richard Drew Scotch Tape (TM)

John Dunlop Pneumatic Tires

Kelli and Vanessa Dunn Remote Control Locator


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