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Inventor Invention

Philo Farnsworth Electronic Television

Patricia Lynn Fearn Lite-lift Fork

James Fergason Liquid Crystal Display (Twisted Nematic Field Effect)

George Ferris Ferris Wheel

Robert Fischell Programmable Medical Devices

Martin Fisher Money Maker Pump

Edith M. Flanigen Petrolium Refining Method

Abbey Fleck "Makin' Bacon"

Alexander Fleming   Penicillin

Merton Flemings   Metallurgical Processes

Thomas J. Fogarty
(Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner)
Embolectomy Balloon Catheter

Henry Ford Assembly Line

Jay Forrester Real-Time Computing Technologies

Sally Fox Naturally Colored Cotton

Benjamin Franklin Franklin Stove

Peter Franklin Cool Dog

John E. Franz Roundup®

Ermal Fraze Pop-top Can

Helen Murray Free Dip and read home diabetes test

Richard H. Frenkiel Cellular Technology

Art Fry Post-it® notes

R. Buckminster Fuller The Geodesic Dome

Robert Fulton Commercial Steamboat

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