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Inventor Invention

Renee Laennec Stethoscope

Hedy Lamarr Military Communications System

Robert Langer
(Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner)
Biomedical Applications of Polymers

Edwin Herbert Land Instant Photography

Chelsea Lanmon Pocket Diaper

Lewis H. Latimer Carbon-filament Light Bulb

Ernest O. Lawrence The Cyclotron

Florence Lawrence Turn and Stop Signals

William Lear Audio, automotive and aircraft apparatus

Henrietta Leavitt Period-luminosity relation of Cepheid stars

Robert Ledley CT Scanner

Nicki Lehrer The Gripper

Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz Differential Calculus

Jerome H. Lemelson Machine Vision Technology

David Lennox Furnace

David Levy
(MIT Student Prize Winner)
World's Smallest Keyboard

Richard Levy Games & Toys

Gilbert Newton Lewis "Heavy Water"

W. F. Libby Carbon Dating

Otto Lilienthal Flying Machine

Michael Lim Integrated Optical Add/Drop Filter

Maya Lin National Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Abraham Lincoln Device to Buoy Vessels over Shoals

Jeannie Low Kiddie Stool

Timothy Lu Bacteriophage Platforms to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance

Lee Lynd
(Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability Winner)
One-step Fermentation Process to Convert Cellulosic Biomass into Ethanol


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