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Invention Inventor

Aeronautics, Safety and Technology Sheila Widnall

Airbag, Automobile Allen Breed

Airplane Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright

Aircraft Improvements William P. Lear

Assembly Line Henry Ford

ATLAS Powered Rope Ascender Nathan Ball
(MIT Student Prize Winner)

Automated Electrified Monorail Systems Ronald J. Riley

Automatic Oil Cup Elijah McCoy

Automobile Electronic Systems Charles Boss Kettering,
William P. Lear

Aviation Technology Leonard Greene

Barometric Altimeter Paul Kollsman

Commercial Steamboat Robert Fulton

Compressed Air Brake System George Westinghouse

Device to Buoy Vessels over Shoals Abraham Lincoln

Diesel Engine Rudolph Diesel

Dymaxion Car R. Buckminster Fuller

Electric Trolley System Frank Sprague

Elevator Elisha Otis

Flexible Wing Francis and Gertrude Rogallo

Flying Machine Otto Lilienthal

Flying Machine, Human-Powered & Solar-Powered Paul MacCready

Gyroscopic Apparatus Charles Stark Draper

Gyroscopic Compass Elmer Sperry

Handcycle Mike Augspurger

Helicopter Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky

Helicopter Innovations Charles H. Kaman

Hovercraft Christopher Cockerell

Human Transportation Technology Yoshiyuki Sankai and Dean Kamen

Human-Powered Flying Machines Paul MacCready

Interstate Highway System Francis Turner

Jet Aircraft Engine Innovations Gerhard Neumann

Jet Aircraft, Personal William P. Lear

Jet Ski® Clayton Jacobsen II

Liquid-fueled rockets Robert H. Goddard

Maritime Signal Flares Martha J. Coston

Monorail Systems, Automated Electric Ronald Riley

Optic-Flow Sensor Technology Geoffrey Barrows

Outboard Motor Ole Evinrude

Personal Air Vehicle Carl Dietrich

Pneumatic Transit System Alfred Beach

Pullman Sleeping Car George Pullman

Pyrotechnic Signaling System Martha J. Coston

Rockets, Liquid-fueled Robert H. Goddard

Roller Coaster Innovations John Miller

Ship Propeller   John Ericsson

SpaceShipOne Burt Rutan

Steamboat Robert Fulton

Submarine David Bushnell

Three-point Safety Belt Nils Bohlin

Traffic Signal Garrett Morgan

Train Detecting Device Charles Johnson

Turn and Stop Signals Florence Lawrence

Uno Ben Gulak

Watercraft, Personal Clayton Jacobsen II

Windshield Wipers Mary Anderson

Xtracycle Ross Evans

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