Lemelson-MIT Program

Ideas Forward

Volume #1  Spring 2008

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Inventor Close-up: An Audio Profile (Angela Belcher)Putting viruses to the test: How a young girl's commitment to learn about a disease everyday multiplied into a cross-disciplinary career Angela Belcher, MIT Germeshausen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Biological Engineering, discusses invention, research and the importance of outreach in her audio profile.

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Sparks: The Director's Blog Join Lemelson-MIT Program Executive Director Joshua Schuler in a blog discussion regarding the importance of mentorship.

Lemelson-MIT Program Staff

Merton Flemings
Faculty Director

Joshua Schuler
Executive Director

Melissa Makofske
Communications Officer

Leigh Estabrooks
InvenTeams Grants Officer

Kariuki Thande
Operations Coordinator

Kayla Willis
Communications Assistant

Amy Bishop
Administrative Assistant

Shirley Fung
Database Intern

Victoria Thomas
InvenTeams Intern

Elizabeth Harris
Communications Intern

Adam Hartz
Web Intern


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