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Student Inventors Dream Up A Better Wheelchair
ScienceFriday.com, 6/24/11

Digits: Betting Big on Bendable Electronics
Wall Street Journal Online, 6/15/11

Quake engineer: Earthquakes don't kill, buildings do
NewScientist.com, 5/25/11

2011 Lemelson-M.I.T. Student Inventor Prizes Offer a Glimpse of the Future in Medical and Security Screening Tech
ScientificAmerican.com, 3/9/11

An "Innovation Gap"? Chasing the Spirit of Edison
FastCompany.com, 1/20/11

Obama Hosts White House Science Fair
Washington Post, 10/19/10

Teens’ Inventions Send Them to the White House
MyFox Phoenix Online, 10/19/10

Oak Ridge students present water purification prototype at White House
WATE Online, 10/19/10

Boy Scouts Updating With New Merit Badges, Including Invention
Fast Company, 7/7/10

Green Roofs That Melt the Mind, Not the House
Discovery, 7/2/10

Boy Scouts Bring Ingenuity to EurekaFest
Boston Globe, 6/21/10

How One Indian Entrepreneur Is Bringing Clean Water and Health Care to Local Villages on the Cheap
Fast Company.com, 6/15/10

Biotech Pioneer Wins Invention Prize
MSNBC.com, 6/2/10

Biochemist Wins $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize
CNET.com, 6/1/10

Chemist, Biologist Wins MIT Inventor's Prize
Reuters.com, 6/2/10

Carolyn Bertozzi Wins Lemelson-MIT Prize
UPI.com, 6/2/10

Grad Student Wins Award for Invention
Spectrum, 5/28/10

Social Entrepreneurship Achieves What Centralized Aid Could Not in India
Wired Online; Epicenter Blog, 5/28/10

BP Agrawal Wins MIT Award for Appropriate Technology
Popular Mechanics Online, 5/28/10

MIT prize for Harvesting the Rain and Swing Health in India
Boston Globe Online, 5/28/10

Rainmaker wins $100,000 Lemelson-MIT award
CNET.com, 5/28/10

Inventor Improves Clean Water Access in Rural India
MAKE OnlineOnline (MakeZine.com), 5/28/10

Harvard Graduate Student Wins MIT Award
Harvard Crimson, 3/5/10

Electronic 'iShoe' aims to prevent falls
CNN.com, 3/3/10

Inventors Take the Prize
MSNBC Cosmic Log, 3/3/10

MIT graduate student wins prize for work in genomics, linguistics
Boston.com, 3/3/10

Lemelson-MIT prize goes to man of many talents
CNET News, 3/3/10

Next-Gen Scientists Honored for Evolving Medicine and Renewables
Scientific American, 3/3/10

3-D DNA sequencing helps win $30K Lemelson-MIT Student Prize
Mass High Tech, 3/3/10

Commack students' standby power idea gets a boost
Newsday Online, 11/6/10

Mirkin, Selanikio, and von Maltzahn’s honored among the “7 Award Winning Innovations” of 2009
MSNBC.com, 11/10/09

Top futurist, Ray Kurzweil, predicts how technology will change humanity by 2020
NY Daily News Online, 12/13/09

Energy-efficient idea nets Tech High a grant
The Herald-Mail Online, 1/3/10

Teeny Particles Attract Big Money
News & Observer Online, 1/19/10

Pedal Thresher from LMIT’s InvenTeams
MAKE, 1/25/10

"Michael Cima Picks The Seven Most Powerful Innovators"
Forbes, 11/11/09

"The Next Generation: The Lemelson-MIT Program enables students' ideas to become reality"
Forbes.com, 8/03/09

"Chad Mirkin: Standing Tall in a Nanoparticle Universe"
U.S. News & World Report, 6/30/09

"Chad Mirkin Wins Lemelson-MIT Prize"
Chemical & Engineering News, 6/25/09

"Inventor to Receive MIT Prize"
Wall Street Journal, 6/24/09

"Nanosphere Co-founder and Board Member, Dr. Chad Mirkin, Awarded Prestigious Lemelson-MIT Prize for Revolutionary Advancements in Nanotechnology"
CNNMoney.com, 6/24/09

"Northwestern University researcher Chad Mirkin wins MIT award for inventions"
Chicago Tribune, 6/24/09

"Mobile Software reinventing healthcare in developing world"
Mobile Marketer, 5/08/09

"Targeting tumors using tiny gold particles"
MIT news, 5/04/09

"Three ways to manage swine flu through mHealth"
mobilehealthnews.com, 4/30/09

"Georgetown prof wins Lemelson-MIT Award"
Boston Globe, 4/28/09

"Nano Swat Teams Kill Cancer"
Discovery Channel, 4/23/09

"Inveterate Inventor: Lemelson-MIT Student Prize winner improves cancer therapies with nanotech"
Technology Review,, 4/22/09

"Lemelson-MIT student winner launches drug delivery startup"
Mass High Tech, 3/3/09

"Cancer innovation wins a Lemelson-MIT prize"
Boston Globe, 3/3/09

"Preying On a Tumor's Weakness With Nanotechnology to Fight Cancer"
Scientific American, 3/3/09

"Future innovators? Maybe, but U.S. teens could use mentors"
Improvisations, MIT Sloan Management Review, 1/14/09

"Closing the Innovation Gap"
msnbc.com, 1/12/09

"U.S. students say 'yay for science'"
Scientific American (online), 1/7/09

"Lemelson-MIT Program: Teens need tech mentors"
boston.com, 1/7/09

"Teens Don't Think Scientists are Nerds"
Business Week, 1/7/09

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