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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help me sell or license my patent?
The Lemelson-MIT Program is dedicated to promoting the process of invention and innovation. We do not purchase patents or licenses, nor do we invest in inventions. For information and resources on selling and licensing your patent, visit our Handbook for Inventors.

Can you help me develop or manufacture my invention?
We do not fund the development of inventions. We also cannot provide inventors with contacts such as MIT engineers or area mentors. For information on marketing your invention, visit our Handbook for Inventors.

Who should I contact if I think there may be a mistake in the information presented in an Inventor of the Week profile?
Please send an email to conniew@mit.edu that includes the name of the person profiled; the information that you think is inaccurate; your suggested correction; and sources that support your correction. We are dedicated to providing accurate information in our inventor profiles and will do our best to review and correct misinformation as quickly as possible.

How do I apply or nominate someone for one of the prizes?
Please visit our awards page for more information on applying or nominating someone for a prize.

Do you have invention programs for young inventors?
Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams is an initiative of the Lemelson-MIT Program that awards annual grants of up to $10,000 each to teams of high-school students, teachers and mentosr to invent something to solve a problem they have identified. For more information, visit http://www.inventeams.org.

MIT also has many K-12 outreach programs available to the public.