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Changing Passwords

To change a principal's password use the kadmin change_password command, which requires the "modify" administrative privilege (unless the principal is changing his/her own password). The syntax is:

     change_password [options] principal

The change_password option has the alias cpw. change_password takes the following options:

Sets the key of the principal to a random value.
-pw password
Sets the password to the string password. MIT does not recommend using this option.
-e "enc:salt..."
Uses the specified list of enctype-salttype pairs for setting the key of the principal. The quotes are necessary if there are multiple enctype-salttype pairs. This will not function against kadmin daemons earlier than krb5-1.2. See Supported Encryption Types and Salts for possible values.
Keeps the previous kvno's keys around. There is no easy way to delete the old keys, and this flag is usually not necessary except perhaps for TGS keys. Don't use this flag unless you know what you're doing.

For example:

     kadmin: cpw david
     Enter password for principal david@ATHENA.MIT.EDU:  <= Type the new password.
     Re-enter password for principal david@ATHENA.MIT.EDU:  <= Type it again.
     Password for david@ATHENA.MIT.EDU changed.

Note that change_password will not let you change the password to one that is in the principal's password history.