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The Kerberos Documentation Set


Starting with release 1.11, the Kerberos documentation set is unified in a central form. Man pages, HTML documentation, and PDF documents are compiled from reStructuredText sources, and the application developer documentation incorporates Doxygen markup from the source tree. This project was undertaken along the outline described at .

Previous versions of Kerberos 5 attempted to maintain separate documentation in the texinfo format, with separate groff manual pages. Having the API documentation disjoint from the source code implementing that API resulted in the documentation becoming stale, and over time the documentation ceased to match reality. With a fresh start and a source format that is easier to use and maintain, reStructuredText-based documents should provide an improved experience for the user. Consolidating all the documentation formats into a single source document makes the documentation set easier to maintain.

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The HTML version of this documentation has a “FEEDBACK” link (at the bottom of every page) to the email address with a pre-constructed subject line.