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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Linguistics at MIT

Linguistics at MIT

The MIT Linguistics Group has been engaged in the study of language since the 1950's, and the first class of PhD students was admitted in 1961. Our research aims to discover the rules and representations underlying the structure of particular languages and what they reveal about the general principles that determine the form and development of language in the individual and the species. The program covers the traditional subfields of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics) as well as interfaces with philosophy and logic, speech science and technology, computer science and artificial intelligence, and study of the brain and cognition.


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The Language Acquisition Lab

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Language Acquisition Lab is a group of researchers operating through MIT's Department of Linguistics and Philosophy who have a common interest in learning how children acquire their native language or languages. Most researchers in the Lab are interested in discovering how children learn to make correct sentences and how they learn what these sentences mean in their native language without explicit instruction.

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