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MISTI 2.0:
take your MISTI internship to the next level

What is it?

MISTI 2.0 allows MISTI program alumni to further build global leadership skills by expanding on a previous MISTI experience.

How it works

Students returning to MIT from a MISTI internship, teaching opportunity or seed fund-related research project over the summer may apply for MISTI 2.0 funding to return to their host country over IAP.

Project ideas include:

  • Pursue a start-up idea with international colleagues
  • Explore a new avenue of a previous research project abroad
  • Solidify a partnership with international colleagues around a collaborative venture
  • Organize an international workshop
  • Help an edX partner school develop a new online course

  1. Return from your MISTI experience with an idea
  2. Submit a proposal for up to $3,000 for travel, meeting and workshop costs

Proposal guidelines:

  • Develop a project with your international collaborators
  • Have advisors on both sides: recruit an MIT faculty mentor and international partner

MISTI 2.0 proposals are judged on their innovation and feasibility.


Funded students are expected to attend preparation sessions and complete a report.


Sept 30th: applications due
Oct 23rd: grantee notification

Role of the MIT faculty advisor

The goal of the MISTI 2.0 advisor is to be available to the student/team regarding questions related to the content of their project. The advisor will review the student’s proposal prior to application. Fiscal and process oversight is the responsibility of the MIT country coordinator. Students will be in touch with the advisor as needed.