Physics Colloquia Archives

Fall 2015 -
FA Suchitra Sebastian University of Cambridge Hosted by MIT GWIP
FA Markus Klute MIT Hosted by Bolek Wyslouch
FA Gregory Boebinger National HIgh Magnetic Field Laboratory Hosted by Patrick Lee
FA Paul Schechter MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
FA John Carlstrom University of Chicago Hosted by Robert Simcoe
FA Homer Reid MIT Hosted by MIT SPS
FA Joerg Schmiedmayer Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), Atominstitut, TU-Wien Hosted by Wolfgang Ketterle
FA Brian Keating University of California, San Diego Hosted by Andrew Friedman
FA Gavin Crooks Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Hosted by MIT PGSC
FA Xiaowei Zhuang Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Harvard University Hosted by Ibrahim Cissé
FA Alberto Nicolis Columbia University Hosted by Jesse Thaler
FA Pratheev Sreetharan Vibrant Composites Inc. Hosted by Peter Fisher
FA Selim Jochim University of Heidelberg Hosted by Martin Zwierlein
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
FA David Pritcard MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
FA Allan Adams MIT Hosted by Edward Farhi
FA Duncan Brown Syracuse University Hosted by Matthew Evan
FA Steven Johnson MIT Hosted by MIT SPS
FA Alyssa Goodman Harvard University Hosted by Jesse Thaler
FA Nuh Gedik MIT Hosted by Marc Kastner
FA Pablo Jarillo-Herrero MIT Hosted by Raymond Ashoori
FA Beate Heinemann University of California Berkeley Hosted by Markus Klute
FA Juan Maldacena Institute for Advanced Study Hosted by Jesse Thaler
FA Steven Block Stanford University Hosted by Ibrahim Cissé
FA John Marko Northwestern University Hosted by Leonid Mirny
FA John Preskill California Institute of Technology Hosted by MIT PGSC
FA Omar Hurricane Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Hosted by Peter Fisher
SP Markus Oberthaler University of Heidelberg Hosted by Vladan Vuletić
SP Anna Watts University of Amsterdam Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
SP Jean Dalibard Collège de France Hosted by Wolfgang Ketterle
SP Andrei Kounine MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
SP Francis Gavin MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
SP Surya Ganguli Stanford University Hosted by Nikta Fakhri
SP Christopher Fryer Los Alamos National Laboratory Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
SP Jacqueline Hewitt MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
SP Cristian Urbina CEA-Saclay Hosted by Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
SP Nima Arkani-Hamed Institute for Advanced Study Hosted by MIT Society of Physics Students
SP Alexander Polyakov Princeton University Hosted by MIT Physics Graduate Student Council
SP Arup Chakraborty MIT Hosted by Mehran Kardar
SP Michael Brenner Harvard University Hosted by Jeremy England
SP Michel Devoret Yale University Hosted by Isaac Chuang
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
FA Barbara Jones IBM Almaden Research Center Hosted by Graduate Women in Physics
FA Stefan Westerhoff University of Wisconsin-Madison Hosted by Markus Klute
FA Vladan Vuletic MIT Hosted by Wolfgang Ketterle
FA Samuel Ting MIT Hosted by Robert Redwine
FA Vicky Kaspi
Pappalardo Distinguished Lecture in Physics
McGill University Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
FA Anton Zeilinger University of Vienna and Austrian Academy of Sciences Hosted by David Pritchard
FA Matthias Troyer ETH Zurich Hosted by Edward Farhi
FA David Griffiths Reed College Hosted by MIT Society of Physics Students
FA Maria Zuber MIT Hosted by Matthew Evans
FA Stephan Grill Max Planck Institute of Melecular Cell Biology and Genetics Hosted by Jeremy England
FA Immanuel Bloch Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Hosted by PGSC
FA Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
FA Julia Yeomans University of Oxford Hosted by Jeremy England
SP John Doyle Harvard University Hosted by Wolfgang Ketterle
SP Daniel Rothman Lorenz Center, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, MIT Hosted by Mehran Kardar
SP James Acton
Physics in the Interest of Society Colloqium
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Hosted by Aron Bernstein
SP Ashvin Vishwanath University of California, Berkeley Hosted by Nuh Gedik
SP Paul Steinhardt Princeton University Hosted by the Society of Physics Students
SP Subir Sachdev Harvard University Hosted by the Physics Graduate Student Council
SP Ken Alder Northwestern University Hosted by Peter Fisher
SP Max Tegmark MIT Hosted by Peter Fisher
SP Andrea Cavalleri Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg; Department of Physics, University of Oxford Hosted by Nuh Gedik
SP Dan Stamper-Kurn University of California, Berkeley Hosted by Wolfgang Ketterle
SP Michael Ramsey-Musole University of Massachusetts, Amherst Hosted by Jesse Thaler
SP Fiona Harrison California Institute of Technology Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
SP Itai Cohen Cornell University Hosted by Jeremy England
SP Ana Maria Rey JILA, NIST and, University of Colorado, Boulder Hosted by the Undergraduate Women in Physics
Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
FA Gavin Salam CERN and Princeton University Hosted by: Jesse Thaler
FA Edward Wright University of California, Los Angeles Hosted by Josh Winn
FA John McGreevy MIT Hosted by Eddie Farhi
FA Phil Nelson University of Pennsylvania Hosted by Jeff Gore
FA Paul Ginsparg Cornell University Hosted by PGSC
FA Rob Simcoe MIT Hosted by Deepto Chakrabarty
FA Andre De Gouvea Northwestern University Hosted by Janet Conrad
FA Alan Guth MIT  Hosted by The MIT Society of Physics Students
FA Zvonimir Dogic Brandeis University  Hosted by Mehran Kardar
FA Timothy M. Swager MIT Hosted by Nuh Gedik
FA Joel Moore University of California Berkeley  Hosted by Liang Fu
FA Geoff Marcy
Pappalardo Distinguished Lecture in Physics
University of California Berkeley  Hosted by Sara Seager
SP MIchael Berry Bristol University, UK Hosted by PGSC
SP Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University Hosted by Mehran Kardar
SP Frank Von Hippel
Physics in the Interest of Society Colloquium
Princeton University, Co-chair, International Panel on Fissile Materials and MIT ‘59 Hosted by Aron Bernstein
SP Shrinivas Kulkarni California Institute of Technology Hosted by Nevin Weinberg
SP Tilman Esslinger ETH Zurich Hosted by Vladan Vuletic
SP Young Lee MIT Hosted by Society of Physics Students
SP Norman Christ Columbia University Hosted by William Detmold
SP Markus Klute MIT Hosted by Jesse Thaler
SP Megan Urry Yale University Hosted by Graduate Women In Physics
SP Ali Yazdani Princeton University Hosted by Nuh Gedik
SP Jan Zaanen Leiden University Hosted by Hong Liu
SP Andreas Adelmann Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) Hosted by Markus Klute
SP Eva Andrei Rutgers University Hosted by Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
SP Sharad Ramanathan Harvard University Hosted by Jeff Gore
Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
FA Leon Balents University of California - Santa Barbara  Hosted by Senthil Todadri
FA Stanislas Leibler Rockefeller University and Institute for Advanced Study  Hosted by Mehran Kardar
FA Michael Nielsen   Hosted by The Society of Physics Students
FA Jan Egedal-Pedersen MIT Hosted by Patrick Lee
FA Joseph Formaggio MIT  Hosted by Peter Fisher
FA Markus Greiner Harvard University  Hosted by Martin Zwierlein
FA Adam Riess
Pappalardo Distinguished Lecture in Physics
Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute Hosted by Edmund Bertschinger
FA Joshua Winn MIT  Hosted by Sara Seager
FA Richard Garwin IBM Fellow Emeritus Hosted by Aron Bernstein
FA Harold Hwang Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Hosted by Patrick Lee
FA Jelena Vuckovic Stanford University  Hosted by Vladan Vuletic
FA Zhi-Xun Shen Stanford University   Hosted by The Physics Graduate Student Council
FA Steven Nahn MIT  Hosted by Christoph Paus
SP Adam Cohen Harvard University  
SP Martin Zwierlein MIT  
SP Xiao-Gang Wen MIT  
SP Robert Geroch University of Chicago  
SP Deborah Jin NIST and University of Colorado  
SP Ray Jayawardhana University of Toronto  
SP Ian Spielman Joint quantum institute; NIST and the University of Maryland   
SP Tony Heinz Columbia University  
SP Nadya Mason University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
SP Andreas Karch University of Washington  
SP Taekjip Ha University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
SP Gunther Roland MIT  
SP Seth Lloyd MIT  
SP Eric Mazur Harvard University  
Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
FA Jennifer Chayes Microsoft Research New England  
FA Jack Lissauer NASA Ames Research Center  
FA Bernd Surrow MIT  
FA Marin Soljačić MIT  
FA Leonid Mirny MIT  
FA David Leeson Stanford University  
FA Homer Neal University of Michigan  
FA Charles Dermer Naval Research Laboratory  
FA Tom Levenson MIT  
FA Naama Barkai Weizmann Institute of Science  
FA Philip Kim Columbia University  
FA Adam Bernstein Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  
SP Julianne Dalcanton University of Washington  
SP Yuri Oganessian Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR  
SP David DeMille Yale University  
SP John Bush MIT  
SP Amir Yacoby Harvard University  
SP Daniel Eisenstein University of Arizona  
SP François Bouchet Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS & UPMC-Sorbonnes Universités  
SP Charles Kane University of Pennsylvania  
SP David Kleinfeld University of California at San Diego  
SP Ann Nelson University of Washington  
SP Steve Simon University of Oxford  
SP Raphael Bousso University of California at Berkeley  
SP Steve Giddings University of California at Santa Barbara  
SP Yves Couder Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Université Paris Diderot -Paris  
Fall 2009Spring 2010
FA Shoucheng Zhang Stanford University  
FA Gabriella Sciolla MIT  
FA Owen Gingerich Harvard University  
FA Scott Hughes MIT  
FA Vladan Vuletic MIT  
FA Paula Apsell PBS-NOVA  
FA Wojciech Zurek Los Alamos  
FA Hong Liu MIT  
FA Robert McKeown California Institute of Technology  
FA Sean Carroll California Institute of Technology  
FA Eric Hudson MIT  
FA John Morgan Columbia University  
FA Claire Max UC Santa Cruz  
SP Andrew Strominger Harvard University  
SP Frank Wilczek MIT  
SP Samuel Ting MIT  
SP Daniel Prober Yale University  
SP Heidi Newberg Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  
SP Margaret Gardel University of Chicago  
SP Mikhail Lukin Harvard University  
SP Jack Harris Yale University  
SP S. James Gates, Jr. University of Maryland  
SP Felicitas Pauss CERN and ETH Zurich  
SP Leo Kouwenhoven Delft University of Technology  
SP Reshmi Mukherjee Barnard College  
SP Alan Nathan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
SP Matthew Strassler Rutgers University  
Fall 2008 — Spring 2009
FA Lisa Randall Harvard University  
FA Edward Farhi MIT  
FA Adam Cohen Harvard University  
FA Phuan Ong Princeton University  
FA Christopher Stubbs Harvard University  
FA Boris Kayser Fermilab  
FA Sara Seager MIT  
FA Geoffrey West Santa Fe Institute  
FA David Wineland National Institute of Standards and Technology  
FA Peter Borden Solar Business Group, Applied Materials, Inc.  
FA Steven Kivelson Stanford University  
FA Angela Olinto University of Chicago  
FA Stephen Wolfram Wolfram Research  
FA Nat Fisch Princeton University  
SP Paul Canfield Iowa State University  
SP Jochen Schneider LCLS Experimental Facilities Divsion, SLAC, CA and Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL), Germany  
SP Matthias Burkardt New Mexico State University / Jefferson Lab  
SP Zoltan Fodor University of Wuppertal, Eotvos University of Budapest, John von Neumann Institute for Computing, DESY-Zeuthen, and Forschungszentrum-Juelich  
SP Marc Kamionkowski Caltech  
SP Margaret Murnane JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder and NIST  
SP Jeff Kimble Caltech  
SP George Whitesides Harvard University  
SP Dam Thanh Son University of Washington  
SP Sidney Drell SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory  
SP Alain Aspect Institut d'Optique  
SP Michael Brown Caltech  
SP Kip Thorne Caltech  
SP Felicitas Pauss Institute for Particle Physics, ETH Zurich  
SP Xiaowei Zhuang Harvard University  
Fall 2007 — Spring 2008
FA Barry Barish Caltech  
FA Gabriella Sciolla MIT  
FA Shamit Kachru Stanford University  
FA Dan Kleppner MIT  
FA Steve Chu Lawrence Berkeley National Lab  
FA Dimitrios Psaltis University of Arizona  
FA Erik Katsavounidis MIT  
FA Young Lee MIT  
FA John Mather NASA  
FA Gregor Herten Albert-Ludwigs-Univeritat Freiburg  
FA Charles Falco University of Arizona  
FA Ted Haensch Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen  
FA Serge Haroche Ecole normale Superieure and College de France  
FA Michael Campbell    
SP Wim Leemans Lawrence Berkeley National Lab  
SP Nergis Mavalvala MIT  
SP Michael Peskin Stanford University  
SP Alex Filippenko UC Berkeley  
SP Rob Schoelkopf Yale University  
SP Marin Soljacic MIT  
SP Robert Redwine MIT  
SP Joseph Formaggio MIT  
SP Jun Ye University of Colorado  
SP Karin Rabe Rutgers University  
SP Peter F. Michelson Stanford University  
SP Lyn Evans CERN-LHC  
SP Iain Stewart MIT  
SP David Griffiths Reed College  
Fall 2006Spring 2007
FA Lyman Page Princeton University  
FA Senthil Todadri MIT  
FA Amber Miller Columbia University  
FA Donald F. Geesaman Argonne National Laboratory  
FA Alan Guth MIT  
FA Virginia Trimble UC Irvine  
FA Eugene Chiang UC Berkeley  
FA Gunther Roland MIT  
FA Vladan Vuletic MIT  
FA Janet Conrad Columbia University  
FA Christof Wetterich Universität Heidelberg  
FA Allen Caldwell Max-Planck-Institute  
FA Shelley Page University of Manitoba  
FA Arup Chakraborty MIT  
SP Peter Zoller Universität Innsbruck  
SP Gerald Gabrielse Harvard University  
SP Ben Oppenheimer American Museum of Natural History  
SP Michael Sipser MIT  
SP Tom Levenson MIT  
SP Joan Centrella NASA  
SP William Bialek Princeton University  
SP Jim Kakalios University of Minnesota  
SP Hong Liu MIT  
SP Alessandra Lanzara UC Berkeley  
SP James E. Gunn Princeton University  
SP John Beacom Ohio State  
SP Mildred Dresselhaus MIT  
SP Benoit Mandelbrot Yale University  
SP Sebastien Balibar Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l'ENS  
SP Bert Halperin Harvard University  
Fall 2005 — Spring 2006
FA Wolfgang Ketterle MIT  
FA Sean Carroll University of Chicago  
FA Pier Oddone Fermi National Laboratory  
FA David Nelson Harvard University  
FA Ed Bertschinger MIT  
FA Eric Adelberger University of Washington  
FA Masahiro Morii Harvard University  
FA Charles Alcock Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics  
FA Andrei Linde Stanford University  
FA Christoph Paus MIT  
FA Iain Stewart MIT  
FA Andreas Hoecker CERN  
FA Catherine Kallin McMaster University  
SP Urs Achim Wiedemann SUNY Stony Brook, NY  
SP Raymond E. Goldstein University of Arizona  
SP Adam G Riess Space Telescope Science Institute  
SP Mehran Kardar MIT  
SP Moses H. W. Chan Pennsylvania State University  
SP Edward C. Stone California Institute of Technology  
SP Leonard Susskind Stanford University  
SP Bernhard Keimer Max-Planck-Institut for Solid State Research, Stuttgart  
SP Tom Murphy UC San Diego  
SP Richard A. Muller UC Berkeley  
SP Hans-Walter Rix Max-Planck-Institut for Astronomy  
SP A. Douglas Stone Yale University  
SP Albert-Laszlo Barabasi University of Notre Dame  
SP Clifford M. Will Washington University  
Fall 2004 — Spring 2005
FA Edward Farhi MIT  
FA Max Tegmark MIT  
FA Joe Polchinski UC-Santa Barbara  
FA Larry Abbott Brandeis University  
FA Robert Buderi Technology Review  
FA Chris Quigg Fermi National Laboratory  
FA Peter Galison Harvard University  
FA Maria Zuber MIT  
FA Lee Smolin Perimeter Institute  
FA Amihay Hanany MIT  
SP Steven Weinberg University of Texas, Austin  
SP Anthony Leggett University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  
SP Vicki Kaspi McGill University  
SP Debbie Jin JILA/University of Colorado  
SP Peter Goldreich California Institute of Technology  
SP Dan Rugar IBM Almaden Research Center  
SP Martin Bezant MIT  
SP Jeff Richman UC-Santa Barbara  
SP Andrea Liu UCLA  
SP Ian Shipsey Purdue University  
SP Wendy Freedman OCIW  
Fall 2003 — Spring 2004
FA Seamus Davis Cornell University  
FA Diandra Leslie-Pelecky University of Nebraska  
FA Robert Kirshner Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics  
FA James Bergquist NIST  
FA Natalie Roe Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
FA David Gross UC-Santa Barbara  
FA Peter Lepage Cornell University  
FA Deepto Chakrabarty MIT  
FA Gerard 't Hooft University of Utrecht  
FA Andrea Ghez UCLA  
FA Donald Monroe Agere Systems  
FA John Schwarz California Institute of Technology  
FA Nicholas Giordano Purdue University  
SP Franklin Chang-Diaz NASA Johnson Space Center  
SP Kathryn Moler Stanford University  
SP David Kaiser MIT  
SP Alexander van Oudenaarden MIT  
SP Stanislas Leibler Rockefeller University  
SP Charles Holbrow Colgate University  
SP Aharon Kapitulnik Stanford University  
SP Paul McEuen Cornell University  
SP Michael Peskin SLAC/Stanford University  
SP Nora Volkow National Institute on Drug Abuse  
SP Wolfgang Ketterle MIT  
SP Dan Akerib Case Western Reserve University  
SP Michael Turner University of Chicago  
SP Frank Wilczek MIT  
Fall 2002 — Spring 2003
FA Steven Girvin Yale University  
FA Daniel Dubin UC-San Diego  
FA Daniel Fisher Harvard University  
FA Neil deGrasse Tyson AMNH, NY  
FA Freeman Dyson Institute for Advanced Study  
FA Edward Shuryak SUNY, Stony Brook  
FA Robert Jaffe MIT  
FA David Kestenbaum National Public Radio  
FA John Bahcall Institute for Advanced Study  
FA Pawan Kumar University of Texas, Austin  
FA Bob Rosner University of Chicago  
SP Matthew Strassler University of Washington  
SP Albert-Laszlo Barabasi University of Notre Dame  
SP Piers Coleman Rutgers University  
SP Lyman Page Princeton University  
SP David Wineland NIST  
SP Bart de Smit University of Leiden  
SP Frithjof Karsch University of Bielefeld  
SP Paul Horowitz Harvard University  
SP David Wark Oxford University  
SP Stuart Freedman UC-Berkeley  
SP Nima Arkani-Hamed Harvard University  
SP Angela Olinto University of Chicago  
SP Immanuel Bloch University of Munich  
Fall 2001 — Spring 2002
  Lee Roberts Boston University  
  Linda Griffith MIT  
  David Weitz Harvard University  
  Paul Steinhardt Princeton University  
  Wolfgang Ketterle MIT  
  Edward Wright UCLA  
  Matias Zaldarriaga New York University  
  Wick Haxton University of Washington  
  Eric Cornell JILA/University of Colorado  
  Albrecht Wagner DESY  
  Jim Eisenstein California Institute of Technology  
  Arthur McDonald Queen's University  
  Hitoshi Murayama UC-Berkeley  
  Claude Cohen-Tannoudji ENS, Paris  
  Bertram Batlogg ETH, Zurich  
  Raman Sundrum Johns Hopkins University  
  Neil Calder SLAC/Stanford University  
  Samuel Ting MIT  
  Craig Sarazin University of Virginia  
  Bernard Schutz Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics  
  Chung Pei-Ma UC-Berkeley  
  Umar Mohideen UC-Riverside  
  Richard Lovelace Cornell University  
  Alex Filippenko UC-Berkeley  
  Timothy Chupp University of Michigan  
  Alexander van Oudenaarden MIT  
Fall 2000 — Spring 2001
  Max Tegmark University of Pennsylvania  
  Peter Fisher MIT  
  Eric Mazur Harvard University  
  Luis Orozco SUNY, Stony Brook  
  Takashi Imai MIT  
  Blayne Heckel University of Washington  
  Shrinivas Kulkarni California Institute of Technology  
  Uwe-Jens Wiese MIT  
  Stephan Quake California Institute of Technology  
  David Hitlin California Institute of Technology  
  Krishna Rajagopal MIT  
  Wit Busza MIT  
  Frank Wilczek MIT  
  Fulvia Pilat Brookhaven National Laboratory  
  Greg Boebenger Los Alamos National Laboratory  
  Sascha Hilgenfeldt University of Twente  
  Jean Dalibard ENS, Paris  
  Washington Taylor MIT  
  Eric Heller Harvard University  
  Adam Falk Johns Hopkins University  
  Charles Marcus Harvard University  
  Francis Halzen University of Wisconsin  
  Ashoke Sen Mehta Research Institute  
  Tony Readhead California Institute of Technology  
Fall 1999 — Spring 2000
  Leslie Rosenberg MIT  
  Richard Muller UC-Berkeley  
  Maria Zuber MIT  
  John Preskill California Institute of Technology  
  David Grier University of Chicago  
  Hans Bethe Cornell University  
  Tony Barker University of Colorado  
  Vicky Kaspi MIT  
  David Kaplan University of Washington  
  Douglas Stone Yale University  
  Steven Girvin Indiana University  
  Michel Devoret Yale University  
  Lisa Randall MIT  
  Myriam Sarachik CUNY  
  Marc Kamionkowski California Institute of Technology  
  Christof Wetterich University of Heidelberg  
  Claude Canizares MIT  
  Nathan Isgur Jefferson Laboratory  
  John Grunsfeld NASA Johnson Space Center  
  Maurice Jacob CERN  
  Bruce Remington Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  
  Mark Johnson Naval Research Laboratory  
  John Ruhl UC-Santa Barbara  
Fall 1998 — Spring 1999
  Marc Kastner MIT  
  Craig Ogilvie MIT  
  Jack Steinberger CERN  
  Jerry Mahlman Princeton University  
  Fred Adams University of Michigan  
  Donald Lynden-Bell University of Cambridge  
  Boris Kayser National Science Foundation  
  Paul Schechter MIT  
  Jean Zinn-Justin CEA, Saclay  
  Fredrico Capasso Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies  
  Charles Baltay Yale University  
  Larry Sulak Boston University  
  Bernhard Keimer Princeton University  
  Charles Lieber Harvard University  
  Cumrun Vafa Harvard University  
  Farid Abraham IBM, Almaden Research Center  
  Cyrus Taylor Case Western Reserve University  
  Ruth Sime Sacramento City College  
  Henry Kendall MIT  
  Jonathan Bagger Johns Hopkins University  
  Alan Guth and Philip Morrison MIT  
  Peter Armbruster GSI, Darmstadt  
  Jan van Paradijs University of Amsterdam  
  Robert Jaffe MIT  
  Saul Perlmutter Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
  Partha Mitra Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies  
  Robert Mawhinney Columbia University  
  Wolfgang Ketterle MIT  
  Frederick Salvucci MIT  
  John Ralston University of Kansas  
  Lawrence Krauss Case Western Reserve University  
  Charles Alcock Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  
  Michael Turner University of Chicago/Fermilab  
  Tom Greytak and Daniel Kleppner MIT  

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