MIT Physics News Spotlight

Professor Walter Lewin featured in "The Best 300 Professors"

Walter Lewin. Photo: Donna Coveney
Photo: Donna Coveney/MIT News Office

In a joint effort with popular college student web, educational services company The Princeton Review this week released its new book, "The Best 300 Professors." Combining nationwide survey and ranking results, a list was culled of 300 names of student-rated top faculty at over 122 American colleges and universities.

The book's roster of best teachers features professors in more than 60 fields, with just four out of the 300 teaching physics. MIT is represented by one entry, Professor of Physics Emeritus Walter Lewin. MIT peer institutions such as Harvard and Stanford showed two listings each; Princeton one, and Caltech none. A complete list of the book's 300 faculty, with their affiliated institutions and subjects taught, is available at

—C. Breen