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Researchers identify one of the earliest stars in the universe [MIT News Office, 02.09.14]

Senior Margo Batie speaks at MIT's 40th annual MLK Breakfast [MIT News Office, 02.07.14]

School of Science welcomes new faculty [MIT News Office, 02.04.14]

MIT Society of Physics Students receives honorable mention, named 'distinguished chapter'
[MIT News Office, 02.03.14]

‘Rogue’ asteroids may be the norm [MIT News Office, 01.29.14]

MIT fusion experiment energized by new budget deal [MIT News Office/Plasma Science and Fusion Center, 01.24.14]

Seeing things: A new transparent display system could provide heads-up data [MIT News Office, 01.21.14]

Tracy Slatyer and Meng Su win 2014 Bruno Rossi Prize [MIT Physics Department, 01.16.14]

Faces of UROP [MIT News Office, 1.8.14]

Ten Lessons from the Standard Model [NOVA, 01.06.14]

Worlds Without End: Q&A with Exoplanet Hunter Sara Seager [Discover Magazine, 1.6.14]

Chasing universes [Nature, 1.1.14]


Viewpoint: Tales of 1001 Atoms [APS Physics, 12.16.13]

Vuletic, Jarillo-Herrero, Ashoori Research Listed in Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of 2013 by Physics World Magazine [IOP Physics World, 12.12.13]

A physicist, an athlete, and an engineer [MIT News Office, 11.25.13]

MIT's Marc Kastner nominated to head DOE Office of Science [MIT Physics Department, 11.14.13]

Solving chromosomes' structure [MIT News Office, 11.07.13]

Daniel Kleppner named a 2014 Franklin Institute Award laureate [MIT News Office, 11.06.13]

Researchers discover that an exoplanet is Earth-like in mass and size [MIT News Office, 10.30.13]

Seeing the dark [MIT News Office, 10.30.13]

Persuading light to mix it up with matter [MIT News Office, 10.24.13]

Single electrons make waves [Nature, 10.23.13]

Peter Fisher named head of the Department of Physics [MIT News Office, 10.17.13]

Naval aviator powers up his education with Lewin's 8.01 course on OpenCourseWare [MIT News Office, 10.08.13]

Scientists generate first map of clouds on an exoplanet [MIT News Office, 10.07.13]

New kind of microscope uses neutrons [MIT News Office, 10.04.13]

Negele wins 2014 Feshbach Prize [MIT Physics Department, 10.04.13]

Semiconductor research pioneer Peter Wolff dies at 89 [MIT News Office, 10.02.13]

MacArthur Genius Searching for Signs of Life on Exoplanets [National Geographic, 09.29.13]

Sara Seager wins MacArthur 'genius grant' [MIT News Office, 09.25.13]

Understanding a new kind of magnetism [MIT News Office, 09.23.13]

Q&A: John Richardson and John Belcher on Voyager 1's crossing and interstellar exploration
[MIT News Office, 09.16.13]

Can matter cycle through shapes eternally? [Nature, 09.04.13]

How quickly can a bacterium grow? [MIT News Office, 08.27.13]

Waking up to a new year [MIT News Office, 08.19.13]

Conrad named CWPS Woman Physicist of the Month [APS Physics, 08.12.13]

Making connections in the eye [MIT News Office, 08.07.13]

Todadri named 2013 Simons Investigator [MIT News Office, 08.01.13]

Foundation Pledges $90 Million for Physics Research [Science Magazine, 07.31.13]

In it for the long run [MIT News Office, 07.31.13]

Superfluid turbulence through the lens of black holes [MIT News Office, 07.25.13]

Cyclotrons come full circle [Nature, 07.24.13]

A new way to trap light [MIT News Office, 07.10.13]

Researchers build an all-optical transistor [MIT News Office, 07.04.13]

Miklos Porkolab receives Hannes Alfvén Prize [MIT News Office, 07.03.13]

Frebel named rising star by Astronomy Magazine [MIT News Office, 07.01.13]

Patrick Lee named co-winner of 2013 Eugene Feenberg Memorial Medal [MIT News Office, 06.25.13]

Light flips transistor switch [Nature, 06.13.13]

Celebrating Physics Seniors at the 2013 Physics Undergraduate Awards Dinner [MIT Physics Department, 06.05.13]

Diving into nuclear policy [MIT News Office, 05.29.13]

Composing and consciousness [MIT News Office, 05.23.13]

Physics undergrad Heidi Baumgartner wins Heller Entrepreneurship Grant [MIT News Office, 05.21.13]

Cheaters lessen colony survival under stress in yeast experiment [MIT News Office, 05.01.13]

An MIT physics MOOC five years in the making [MIT News Office, 05.01.13]

TESS and the Search for Exoplanets [The Kavli Foundation, 05.01.13]

MIT Physics one of four departments to receive 2013 APS Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education
[APS Physics, 04.29.13]

Jaffe and Moniz elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences [MIT News Office, 04.24.13]

The “What If?” Whiz [MIT Technology Review, 04.23.13]

Beating Cancer at Its Own Game [MIT Technology Review, 04.23.13]

3Q: Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano on possible hints of dark matter [MIT News Office, 04.22.13]

Why Does the Higgs Particle Matter? [Big Questions Online, 04.22.13]

New five-planet system contains two that are in the ‘habitable zone’ [MIT News Office, 04.19.13]

Anna Frebel receives NSF CAREER Award [MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, 04.17.13]

Shedding light on the search for dark matter [MIT News Office, 04.10.13]

Early warning signs of population collapse [MIT News Office, 04.10.13]

NASA selects MIT-led TESS project for 2017 mission [MIT News Office, 04.05.13]

Tantalizing New Clues Into the Mysteries of Dark Matter [New York Times, 04.03.13]

CERN announces measurement of antimatter excess in space [MIT News Office, 04.03.13]

Four MIT researchers attend White House announcement of brain initiative [MIT News Office, 04.02.13]

Obama hosts Dresselhaus in Oval Office [MIT News Office, 04.01.13]

Gore wins $1.13 million NIH grant [MIT Materials Processing Center, 04.01.13]

Jarillo-Herrero named ONR Young Investigator [MIT News Office, 03.28.13]

OCW provides challenges for talented young student [MIT News Office, 03.26.13]

Study offers new way to discover HIV vaccine targets [MIT News Office, 03.21.13]

Samantha Fomon '15 named a 2013 Burchard Scholar [MIT News Office, 03.21.13]

Mavalvala earns School of Science teaching award [MIT News Office, 03.07.13]

MIT’s Ernest J. Moniz nominated Secretary of Energy [MIT News Office, 03.04.13]

Temkin named IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award winner [MIT News Office, 03.01.13]

Allen Family Foundation grants Gore $1.5 million for research [MIT News Office, 02.28.13]

A new look at high-temperature superconductors [MIT News Office, 02.24.13]

Thaler wins Sloan Research Fellowship [MIT News Office, 02.19.13]

Condensed-matter physics: Hidden is more [Nature, 02.19.13]

‘Invisible’ particles could enhance thermoelectric devices [MIT News Office, 02.06.13]

Undergraduate contributes to fusion reactor advancement [MIT News Office, 02.04.13]

Some cancer mutations slow tumor growth [MIT News Office, 01.31.13]

Duflo, Lander, Lewin to lead spring-semester MITx courses [MIT News Office, 01.31.13]

A physicist and her neutrinos [MIT News Office, 01.28.13]

Storing data in individual molecules [MIT News Office, 01.23.13]

Whether you like it or not, Walter Lewin is going to make you love physics [edX, 01.22.13]

So Many Exoplanets... So Few Women Scientists [Huffington Post, 01.14.13]

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