Pappalardo Fellows

Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2012-2015

Yoav Lahini

Name: Yoav Lahini

Title(s): Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2012-2015

Email: lahini at  

Phone: 617-253-7467


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. 6C-433
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Areas of Physics:

Experimental Soft Condensed Matter & Biophysics

Research Interests

Yoav’s research addresses questions on the dynamic properties of periodic, disordered and quasi-periodic systems. Specifically, he is interested the interplay of disorder and nonlinear interactions in classical and quantum physics, in the study of quantum walks and quantum many-body dynamics, and in the study of topological effects in quasi-periodic systems.

Biographical Sketch

Yoav Lahini is a third-year Pappalardo Fellow, studying experimental soft condensed matter physics, biophysics and quantum information. Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, he earned a B.Sc. in physics at the Hebrew University and his Ph.D. in experimental physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, working with Prof. Yaron Silberberg.

Selected Publications

  • Y. Lahini, A. Avidan, F. Pozzi, M. Sorel, R. Morandotti, D. N. Christodoulides and Y. Silberberg: “Anderson localization and nonlinearity in one-dimensional photonic lattices” Physical Review Letters. 100, 013906 (2008).
  • Y. Lahini, R. Pugatch, F. Pozzi, M. Sorel, R. Morandotti, N. Davidson, and Y. Silberberg," Observation of a localization transition in quasi-periodic photonic lattices" Physical Review Letters 103, 013901 (2009).
  • Y. Bromberg Y. Lahini, E. Small and Y. Silberberg, "Hanbury-Brown and Twiss interferometry with interacting photons" Nature Photonics 4, 721 (2010).
  • Y. Lahini, Y. Bromberg and Y. Silberberg. “Quantum correlations in two-particle Anderson localization” Physical Review Letters 105, 163905 (2010).
  • K. E. Kraus, Y. Lahini, Z. Ringler, M. Verbin and O. Zilberberg “Topological states and adiabatic pumping in quasicrystals” arXiv:1109.5983.