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Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2017-2020

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Name: Lampros Lamprou

Title: Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2017-2020

Email: llamprou@MIT.EDU

Phone: (415) 941-1331


MIT Department of Physics
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 6-304
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Area of Physics:

String Theory

Research Interests

Lampros Lamprou is curious about the fundamental nature of spacetime and gravity. The quantum physics of black holes and advances in string theory indicate that our contemporary notion of space—a continuous dynamical geometry obeying Einstein's equations—is an emergent concept. Gravitational physics appears instead as an effective description of a lower-dimensional quantum mechanical theory. This idea is called the holographic principle.

For his PhD, Lampros worked towards developing a mathematical language for describing the emergence of geometry in the AdS/CFT correspondence, a string-theoretic realization of the holographic principle. His proposal was based on the curious relation between spacetime geometry and quantum entanglement discovered by Ryu and Takayanagi, and imported tools from the field of integral geometry and the tensor network description of condensed matter systems. Questions such as "What is a point?" and "What is a distance?" in AdS space found answers in the pattern of quantum information storage in the CFT wavefunction. The formalism developed during this endeavor was later utilized to propose a new way of linking the degrees of freedom on the two sides of the AdS/CFT duality.

Lampros is currently thinking about the physics of gravitational entropy, the emergence of diffeomorphism invariance, and locality in AdS/CFT and their potential implications to black hole physics.

Biographical Sketch

Lampros grew up in Preveza, a small town in the west part of Greece. He later moved to the capital to study physics at the University of Athens, where he obtained his BSc in 2011. In 2012, he started his PhD studies at Stanford University where he conducted research under the supervision of Prof. Leonard Susskind. When not confused about gravity he enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and playing music.

Selected Publications

  • "Equivalent Equations of Motion for Gravity and Entropy," B. Czech, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, B. Mosk, J. Sully. arXiv:1608.06282
  • "A Stereoscopic Look into the Bulk," B. Czech, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, B. Mosk, J. Sully, Journal of High Energy Physics, July 2016, 2016:129. arXiv:1604.03110
  • "Tensor Networks from Kinematic Space," B. Czech, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, J. Sully, Journal of High Energy Physics, July 2016, 2016:100. arXiv:1512.01548
  • "A Tensor Network Quotient takes the Vacuum to the Thermal State," B. Czech, G. Evenbly, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, X.-L. Qi, J. Sully, G. Vidal, Physics Review B 94 (2016) no.8, 085101. arXiv:1510.07637
  • "Integral Geometry and Holography," B. Czech, L. Lamprou, S. McCandlish, J. Sully, Journal of High Energy Physics, October 2015, 2015:175. arXiv:1505.05515
  • "Holographic Definition of Points and Distances," B. Czech, L. Lamprou, Physics Review D 90, 106005. arXiv:1409.4473

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