How do I become part of the fun?

Any MIT student, affiliate, faculty member or staff can join Sangam. Sangam does not charge any membership fee from its members.

As we at Sangam strive to bring to you samples of the colorful Indian culture through our popular annual programs like Diwali Night, and through smaller community events interspersed throughout the year, we would consider your participation and encouragement extremely valuable to our continuing efforts to make our events better. These are some ways you might get involved with out activities:

  • Attend our events. Please browse through our list of upcoming events and plan on attending them. Please feel free to contact sangam [at] mit[dot]edu with any questions or concerns regarding attending, volunteering or participating in our events.
  • Join our mailing list. This is a great way to remain in touch with us. You can sign up for the various Sangam mailing lists here.
  • Join our facebook group. Stay in touch with other Sangam members. Sangam facebook page.

Are you joining MIT this year? Welcome!! You might find this resource helpful.