News and Events

The STS Program sponsors a wide range of events during the academic year. Some of these are ongoing series, or regular events, while others are episodic, depending on who is in town and what is happening in the world.

Many of these events are open to the broader community, and many of them are co-sponsored with other units at MIT and beyond.

One of the great strengths of the STS Program is the wide range of events and activities with which we are involved. Students and faculty in the program, as well as visitors and friends, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these multiple opportunities, both formal and informal.


2015 Arthur Miller Lecture on Science and Ethics

Why we should trust science: Perspectives from the history and philosophy of science

Naomi Oreskes

Harvard University

5 May 2015
MIT Campus - E51-115

4 PM
Free and Open to the Public

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building E51-163