CTSS locally distributed documents authored by or coauthored with Jerome H. Saltzer

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Last updated 16 April 2011

This page contains memoranda issued in two numbered series:

Links identified as "Scanned version in PDF" are in Portable Document Format (requires Adobe Reader) courtesy of Roger Roach, Olin Sibert, and the Multics History Project.

CTSS Programming Staff Notes comprise a series of 69 informal notes dated from 1963 through 1967 and distributed to the CTSS programming staff, documenting changes to CTSS. Their circulation was limited to the CTSS programming and operations staff.

CTSS Bulletins are a series of memos to users of CTSS.

Computation Center Memoranda (CC-) and Project MAC Memoranda (MAC-M-) are two series of memos to users of the M.I.T. Computation Center and to participants in Project MAC, respectively.

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