NAME: Jerome Howard Saltzer

PERSONAL: Born 1939, Nampa, Idaho; married 1961 to Marlys Anne Hughes; children Rebecca born 1962, Sarah born 1963, and Mark born 1967; resident of Boise, Idaho, citizen of U.S.A.

EDUCATION: S.B. 1961, S.M. 1963, Sc.D. 1966, Department of Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

EMPLOYMENT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (before 1974, Department of Electrical Engineering): Undergraduate Research Staff, Digital Computer Components and Systems Laboratory, 1959-60; Teaching Assistant, 1961-63; Instructor, 1963-66; Assistant Professor, 1966-1970; Associate Professor, 1970-1976; Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, 1976-1995. Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer, 1995-present.

M.I.T. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (before 2003, Laboratory for Computer Science; before 1976, Project MAC): Member, 1964-present; Co-Head, Computer Systems Research Division, 1970-1975. Head, Computer Systems Research Group, 1975-1984. Laboratory Executive Committee, 1980-1985. Head, Library 2000 Research Group, 1991-1997.

M.I.T. Project Athena: Technical Director, 1984-1989.

Sabbatical and Summer assignments: M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory, Summer, 1961, 1962. IBM San Jose Research Lab, Summer, 1970. IBM Data Processing Group staff, 1977-78. University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Spring, 1989. Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center, Palo Alto, California, Fall, 1989; summer, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993. Stanford University, October, 1995 and October, 1996.

Consulting: U.S. Department of Defense, 1966-1980. Chemical Abstracts Service, 1968-1988. Mitre Corporation, 1969. RCA, 1969, 1980. ITT, 1970. IBM Corporation, 1970-1984. GTE, 1974. Signatron, 1974. Spartacus, 1981. U. of Wash., 1981-83. Nippon Electric, 1983. First Boston Corporation, 1983. Otis Elevator Company, 1983. Data General Corporation, 1984. Wellfleet Communications, 1987-1991. Strategic Planning Associates, 1989. Digital Equipment Corporation, 1989. Fujitsu, 1990. Mitsubishi Electric, 1991. Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, 1993. Microsoft Corporation, 1998. Morgan & Finnegan, L.L.P., 2001. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, 1995-2000.

RESEARCH AREAS: Entered computer field in 1961; File system command design (1963-64); Computer security and privacy (1963-present); Word processing (1964-66); Parallel process coordination (1964-67); Time-sharing system design (1964-73); Software project management (1967-70); Computer-terminal communications (1967-1970); Time-sharing system performance (1969-1971); Name binding in computer systems (1974-1978); Local computer networks (1976-1988); Atomicity and recovery (1978-1985); Interenterprise data networks (1981-1985); Computer systems for education (1984-1989); Digital library systems (1989-2000).

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTS: as participant or leader.

PATENTS: U.S. Patent 4,438,520, "Clock regeneration in a Data Communication Ring," 1984.

PUBLICATIONS: See separate lists of formal publications and circulated but unpublished writings.

TEACHING: Developed early M.I.T. computer programming laboratories; participated in development of the M.I.T. undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science.

Developed M.I.T. subjects "Engineering of Computer Systems," "Problems in Multiplexed Computer System Design," and "Topics in Computer System Research" (graduate).

Taught lectures and recitations in EECS subjects: Electrical Circuits Laboratory; Introductory Circuit Theory; Digital Computer Programming Systems; Introduction to Automatic Computation; Programming Linguistics; Computation Structures; Computer Language Engineering; Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Data General Corp. Education Department, "Advanced Topics in Computer System Design," 1981-1984.

Lecture Series:

SERVICE: Reviewer for National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health. Referee for Communications of the ACM, Computing Surveys, Computing Reviews, Proceedings IEEE, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, IBM Systems Journal, IBM Journal of Research and Development, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Journal of Internetworking.

Session chairman, program committee member, panelist for ACM, AFIPS, IEEE, and INRIA conferences, workshops, and symposia.

General chairman, Ninth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, 1982-83.

Committees, etc.:


MEMBER: National Academy of Engineering, Association for Computing Machinery, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Fellow), IEEE Computer Group, American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow), Sigma Xi, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi.


2635 East Plateau Drive
Boise, Idaho 83712

TELEPHONE: (208) 429-1192



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