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For Payroll Coordinators: UROP Payroll Guidelines

This page details UROP guidelines to help you in your role as a departmental UROP Payroll Coordinator. Topics covered include:

Payroll Basics

Since UROP is an academic program, students must be approved in order to be activated as UROPs. The online UROP system provides you with access to approval and project related information in your DLC. We process proposals as quickly as possible, and encourage both students and staff to contact us if they are experiencing any delays.

Activation and Termination of UROP Appointments

UROP payroll is administered via the MIT Student Payroll System. All paid UROP students must be activated in the Student Payroll System using the Student Appointment section of Atlas. Approved paid UROPS must be activated in the system at the beginning of their UROP employment. UROP payroll data is sent to the Student Payroll System via nightly feed from the UROP system. The only fields that you may enter or edit for UROP appointments are:

Term start and end dates are determined based on the term of UROP approval and this information automatically appears in SAP. You can only change start and end dates to begin later than or end earlier than the given term date range. UROP appointments cannot begin prior to the start of the term or extend beyond the end date for the approved UROP term.

Refer to the online instructions on the VPF site at:

Minimum Wage

The minimum hourly amount a UROP student may be paid is $11.00, which is also the UROP direct funding hourly amount. UROP students paid from any source may not be paid less than $11.00 per hour. The direct funding hourly rate and UROP minimum hourly rate will be increasing to $11.50 per hour on June 1, 2017.

Mixed Funding

Due to MIT policy based on regulations regarding overhead, you are not allowed to mix education funds (e.g. UROP funds) with sponsored research funds. If UROP has agreed to fund a student for a given term, a faculty member may not supplement this income with funds from his/her research account.


The wage/materials and services amounts listed for approved UROPs are the maximum amounts that students can earn. When wages are charged against sponsored-research funds, indirect costs are also charged (e.g. standard MIT overhead). Please be sure to charge approved student wages and awarded materials and services funds to the account number indicated on their approved application.

For faculty funded UROPs, it takes about 2-3 business days following receipt of a completed UROP application for UROP staff to approve applications. Funding decisions for those requesting UROP direct funding are generally released within approximately 2 weeks of the direct funding deadline after all requests have been evaluated.

The approval process may take longer if there are delays in faculty or departmental approval or if required information is missing. Students receive email from UROP staff if an application is incomplete.

International Students

International students are restricted in the number of hours that may be worked during any given week. During the fall and spring international students are limited to 20 hours per week and during IAP and the summer, 40 hours per week. Now that UROP students are appointed through SAP and audits monitor student worked hours, it is more important than ever to record as close to the actual planned work hours per week as possible, especially for international students who are limited to work no more than 20 hours per week for all positions combined.

Please consult the International Students Office (ISO) for questions related to paying international students.

Wellesley Students

Wellesley students are not eligible for direct support from UROP. However, supervisor funding is allowed if the faculty supervisor agrees. For Wellesley students, since they need to cross-register each term a hard-copy proposal and coversheet are required. Wellesley students should be directed to the Wellesley College Student Guidelines for complete information on applying for UROPs.

In addition, Wellesley students must cross-register for one unit of Wellesley Paid UROP (URW) credit in the faculty supervisor's academic department, using an MIT Cross-Registration Form. Students must have the Wellesley Cross-Registration form and the MIT Registration form on file with UROP before being approved.


To insure that students are submitting hours authorized by the faculty supervisor, it may help to have students fill out online timesheets, but then print them for their faculty or direct supervisor to approve and sign.

Only those individuals authorized by the DLC can sign/approve timesheets. Generally, UROP supervisors are expected to approve timesheets. Please note that departments, not UROP staff, are responsible for ensuring that worked hours on timesheets are approved by the appropriate UROP supervisor. All approval emails inform students about weekly timesheet submissions. Hours should be tracked to ensure that students do not go over their allotted stipends.

Students must be paid for all approved work hours, even if this includes "premium" overtime hours. However, if a student is directly funded by UROP (Direct Funding), please alert UROP staff should this occur.

UROP Accounts and UROP Account eDACCA Certification

New UROP child accounts are issued to each DLC at the beginning of every academic year. All students funded directly by UROP during a given academic year and/or subsequent summer are charged to this new account. Please contact UROP staff at x3-7306 or email if you have any questions about your department's UROP account.

Each quarter UROP payroll coordinators (or a specified departmental colleague) are responsible for certifying the quarterly eDACCA for their department's UROP account. UROP staff will send email reminders regarding the need to certify and will certify accounts by proxy and mail you a paper DACCA for certification, should any account remain uncertified on the stated certification deadline. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the eDACCA certification process or items that you see on your eDACCA, please contact UROP staff, ASAP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: UROP-funded student wages/materials and services changes must be charged to your department's UROP account before the account end date, which is provided each year when we send you the new account number, in order to be eligible for UROP funding. Charges processed after the termination date of the account become the responsibility of your department.


Materials and Services (M&S) Expenses

Occasionally, UROP will allot money to students for materials and services purchases. These purchases can be made a few ways:

Holiday Pay

Students are usually paid for July 4 and Labor Day, if they are working as full time UROPs (35+ hours/week) during the summer. They are not paid for other holidays because they occur during the semester when students work part-time. If a student normally works 35 hrs/wk, s/he must work at least 28 hours the week of the holiday and the full 35 hours the week before in order to be paid for the holiday. Similarly, full-time UROPs who are called away from campus for jury duty should be paid for their time according to MIT payroll guidelines.


For all UROP related questions, please feel free to contact UROP Staff at x3-7306 or

For questions regarding activation, terminations and student payroll policies, please contact the following offices:

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