MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Guidelines: Ethical Expectations

UROP expects participants to conduct themselves with the same integrity and high standards of conduct expected of all members of the MIT community. The Institute is extraordinarily diverse, and the ability to work with others is important.

Students are urged to meet with their supervisors to discuss issues of data handling, research practices, laboratory rules, etc., and to share expectations regarding records and reporting of time spent on a project. Faculty are expected to be available to students, to answer questions and treat student researchers fairly.

To help you understand your role in the lab and expectations, be sure to do the following when beginning your research:

When conducting your research, be sure to follow the guidelines for ethical research behavior, outlined below:

Finally, when the time comes to write up your results, remember to:

For more information, contact:

Any instances of harassment, fraud, or other violations may be referred to appropriate Institute channels for disciplinary action. Students who are concerned about improper or unethical behavior--or who may have observed it--are encouraged to consult with the relevant department head, UROP staff, or one of the following individuals:

Institute guidelines governing the reporting and investigation of alleged instances of fraud can be found in Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Faculty and Staff Members , section 10.0, " Academic Misconduct and Dishonesty ." Institute guidelines concerning harassment can be found in Dealing with Harassment at MIT.

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