MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Guidelines: UROP Evaluations

Evaluations are an invaluable means for UROP staff to find out how UROP is working. We use evaluations to guide our support of UROP students and faculty supervisors as well as to gather feedback about the program.

We require two separate evaluations at the end of each term/summer of UROP participation; one from you and one from your faculty supervisor.

These evaluations are due even when you are continuing the same UROP and are expected whether your project was done on a credit, pay, or volunteer basis. Evaluations need not be lengthy if you are continuing, but should provide us with enough information to keep us up to date.

N.B. No proposal will be reviewed until evaluations from the previous UROP have been submitted to UROP staff.

Student Evaluations

Your evaluation should describe your personal and technical progress during the past semester. Let us know about the successes and challenges of your UROP research, the impact of your UROP experience on your undergraduate career, or any general comments about UROP.

If you have published or coauthored any papers for publication as a result of your research collaboration, the UROP Office would like to receive a copy.

Faculty Supervisor Evaluations

Your UROP supervisor should assess your progress. We want him or her to tell us about your contributions to the research group and what your work habits were like. Would your supervisor recommend you for UROP financial support or for work on other UROP projects? We also invite general comments about the program.