MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Guidelines: Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Agreements

If you are participating in a UROP project taking place off-campus (including the Broad and Whitehead Institutes), you may be asked to sign agreements related to confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property.

Please note that signing confidentiality, intellectual property, or other agreements will likely prevent you from owning rights to inventions, processes or techniques that you develop in your UROP project, as well as prevent you from discussing and writing about your research for thesis, papers and other publications.

These types of agreements could also conflict with other commitments made by MIT. The UROP Office strongly encourages you to consult with UROP staff before signing agreements. In unusual cases we may have MIT counsel review these types of agreements.

For additional information, please contact

Michael Bergren, Associate Dean, or Melissa Martin-Greene, UROP Program Coordinator
Phone: 617-253-7306: Email:


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