MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Guidelines: UROP Proposal Content and Format

UROP proposals are an important part of the UROP application process. They not only describe the UROP research you plan to conduct and illustrate that you understand what is expected of you during the given UROP semester, but also serve as the basis on which your faculty supervisor, departmental UROP Coordinator, and UROP staff evaluate your project for approval.

Proposals should be 1-3 typed-pages in length and clearly describe the UROP research you plan to conduct.

Poorly written, incomplete, or duplicated proposals will not be reviewed by the UROP staff. In such cases, you will be notified of the need for additional editing.

You need to write a new or updated proposal for each term that you participate in a UROP, even if you are continuing the same project. If you are continuing, your proposal does not have to outline the entire project. Rather, your proposal should describe the specific element(s) of the project you intend to tackle during the upcoming semester.

Your 1-3 page UROP proposal, should include the following details:

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