MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Options: UROP Direct Funding

MIT and CME students may request UROP Direct Funding, when financial support from faculty is unavailable. The Direct Funding process is competitive—heeding the application deadline is crucial for full consideration.

Payroll Eligibility

Once you've secured a paid UROP, be sure to review the Once You've been Hired information on the Student Financial Services website for details on the steps you need to take before you start your research work and can get paid.

Funding Options

When requesting materials funding, be sure to include details about your request in both your research proposal and in the Materials and Services section of your UROP Direct Funding application.

Guaranteed Direct Funding Option for MIT Scholarship Recipients

MIT scholarship recipients will be guaranteed funding for one semester of a paid UROP during their undergraduate careers. Please note that the guarantee is for financial funding support; you are still responsible to first successfully secure a UROP position and faculty supervisor. Funding is awarded through the traditional UROP Direct Funding process, and all project and proposal standards and requirements apply.

Funding applications are due to UROP staff in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming no later than 5 p.m. on the direct funding deadline date for the given term .

Please go to the Find Projects and Apply section for advice on finding available projects and access to the online application system. Be sure to also review all UROP guidelines. If you have questions or concerns, UROP staff members located in Room 7-104 can be reached at 617-253-7306 or via email to

Questions about your financial aid package, scholarship eligibility, etc, should be addressed to staff in Student Financial Services, Room 11-120, 617-258-8600.

Standards for Funding Requests

Approval Process

If your request is approved:

If your request is not approved:

Be sure to review all UROP Guidelines