MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Options: Volunteer UROP

Volunteer UROP is by far the smallest category of UROP participation, but can be a great way to learn about faculty expectations and the research environment. If you are not yet ready to make the commitment to a full term of research, or prefer not to earn pay or credit for your work, you may participate in UROP as a volunteer.

Volunteer UROP Requirements

  1. Submit your feedback on your most recent UROP(s).
  2. Write a UROP proposal and submit a volunteer UROP application by the given deadline for the semester/summer.

NOTE: No approval emails will be issued until all application materials have been received and approved by UROP staff.

Transcript Notation

Volunteer UROP participants are eligible for a transcript notation that reflects your research participation (Course#.URN). URN notations are awarded by faculty supervisors at the end of the term, provided that you have made satisfactory progress.

Be sure to review all UROP Guidelines