MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Current Research: Other Research Areas

In addition to the UROPs available in departments, laboratories/centers, and special programs, there are a number of other research areas that you may wish to explore. These include:

Art UROPs and Projects

UROP offers an entry to many kinds of involvement and study in the arts. Opportunities for research abound in such areas as electronic or computer music, interactive video, arts administration, installation art, all technical aspects of theater, and the media of imagery such as holography and computer graphics.

The following areas have UROP opportunities in the arts: Music, Theater Arts, and Comparative Media Studies/Writing within the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Media Arts and Sciences; the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology and History, Theory, and Criticism within the Department of Architecture; and the MIT Museum.

Arts Funding

Additional sources of funding for arts-related projects outside the curriculum include the Council for the Arts Grants Program, and the Peter J. Eloranta Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships. For more information on these and other funding sources see the Arts Grants section of the Arts at MIT web site.

For Arts Projects that are not co-curricular, there are several funding sources. The Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT) has information about various competitive grants available to students, staff, and faculty for creative arts proposals in all disciplines. See CAMIT Grants page for all Grants Deadlines and for more information.

Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium

The Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium is a joint MIT/NASA/industry program designed to attract more students to space science and space engineering. Among other activities, Space Grant offers a seminar (16.S26) for first-year students that combines space science and engineering.

Grants are available during the academic year to undergraduates doing research in any area related to the study of space science and engineering. Proposals are invited from students in departments throughout MIT and Wellesley.

Students will also be considered for summer positions with participating companies, to be arranged through the Space Grant Office.

For further information, contact: Ms. Helen Halaris, Room 33-208, x8-5546,

Politics and Public Affairs Field Research Opportunities

The Political Science Internship and Field Research Program is designed to supplement classroom learning with hands-on experience and research in settings where political activity, policy making, and implementation actually take place. Placement possibilities include political campaigns, legislators' offices, legal service organizations, human service agencies, advocacy groups, and organizations concerned with such issues as public health, the environment, the homeless, and more. The program will make an effort to search out opportunities that meet each student's interests.

UROP guidelines prevail. Most field research opportunities are for credit.

For further information, contact: Ms. Tobie Weiner, Undergraduate Political Science Office, E53-484, x3-3649,

Visit the Research section of the MIT website