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This set of tools is designed to make it easier to ship sources around.  I
wrote them because I do a lot of that as moderator of comp.sources.unix,
and nothing else did the job for me.  This set isn't perfect, but's very
close.  Included are a program to find source files, a program to
partition them into reasonable sizes, a program to make shell archives out
of them, a program to strip mail, news, and notes headers from archives
before feeding them to a shell, and a program that simulates enough
/bin/sh syntax so that non-Unix systems can unpack them.

The sources in this distribution are being released into the public
domain; do what you want, but let your conscience be your guide.  If you
somehow enhance this package, please send it on to me so that others can

I'll try to answer any questions or problems that come up -- send me
electronic mail.

To install, edit the Makefile and config.h as necessary then run make;
doing make install will put the manpages and executables where you told
it to.  I don't think "make lint" will be totally reasonable except on
a BSD-derived system, but you can try.  If you write config.h files for
other systems, send them to me.

If you aren't running on Unix, then you will have to write replacements
for the functions in the lxxxx.c files; everything else should be OK.  If
you find something in another file that you had to change, please let me
know.  If you don't have a Unix-like make available, you will have to
write a command script or otherwise work out something with your compiler,
linker, etc.

I believe this works under MSDOS.  If you have diffs, send them to me.
Owen at Oxford Trading Partners, oxtrap!osm, ported an earlier version to
MSDOS; I hope I didn't break anything when I merged his changes into what
I've got now.  Same for Amiga and other PC's.  I might do a VMS port.  The
dir.msdos shar (which I haven't touched) seems to be solid; I don't know
about the dir.amiga code.

I freely stole ideas from a number of people who have been good enough to
put their stuff out on Usenet.  Particular thanks to Gary Perlman and
Larry Wall for giving me something nice to reverse-engineer, and Michael
Mauldin for unshar.  People who sent significant comments and fixes from
earlier versions include Bob Desinger, Darryl Ohahato, Jamie Watson, Joel
Shprentz, Ken Yap, Matt Landau, Paul Vixie, Shane McCarron, Tim Pointing,
Tom Beattie, Vital Dobroey, and Don Libes.  Thanks to all of them,
particularly Paul for an amazing number of comments on earlier versions.

On a philosophical note, I've tried to make this all as general as
possible for shipping sources around.  I'm not interested in binaries, so
things like automatically running uuencode don't interest me a great
deal.  I haven't come up with a good portable way to split files into
pieces if they're too large, and doubt I ever will.  There are too many
installation parameters, but I'm not particularly worried about that:  Once
you get things working, consider it incentive to avoid future changes.
It would be nice if I could use Larry's meta-Config, but that only works
on Unix (and Eunice).  Send me your config.h file so that others can benefit.

	Rich $alz
	BBN Laboratories, Inc.
	10 Moulton Street
	Cambridge, MA  02238

My, my, my, aren't we anal:
	$Header: README,v 2.0 88/05/27 13:29:50 rsalz Exp $