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Academic Computing Coordination Group (ACCORD)   [website]
Academic Information   [website]
Academic Media Production Services (AMPS)   [website]
Academic Performance, Committee on   [website]
Accessibility and Usability (IS&T)   [website]
Accessibility Services
Accounts Payable   [website]
Administrative Computing   [website]
Administrative Services Organization   [website]
Admissions Office   [website]
Adoptive Families at MIT (AFMIT)   [website]
Advanced Materials and Structures, Technology Lab for   [website]
Advanced Study Program
Advanced Visual Studies, Center for (CAVS)   [website]
Advising and Mentoring Initiatives
Advising, Student   [website]
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dept of   [website]
Aerospace Computational Design Lab
Aerospace Controls Lab
Affiliate Health Program   [website]
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture   [website]
AgeLab   [website]
Air Conditioning Repairs   [website]
Air Force ROTC (Aerospace Studies)   [website]
Alcator Project   [website]
Allergy Service   [website]
Alpha Cleaners and Tailoring
Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity   [website]
Alumni Association   [website]
Alumni Class Funds   [website]
Ambulance, Emergency
American Academy of Arts and Sciences   [website]
AMP Laboratory for the Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Animal Care, Committee on
Animal Resources
Annals of Physics
Anthropology Program   [website]
Applied Math, Studies in   [website]
Archaeology and Ethnology, Center for Materials Research in   [website]
Architecture and Planning, School of   [website]
Architecture, Dept of   [website]
Army ROTC   [website]
Art Association, Student   [website]
Art History   [website]
Art, Culture and Technology, MIT Program in   [website]
Arts Initiatives   [website]
Arts, Office of the   [website]
Ashdown House (NW35)   [website]
Assistive Technology Information Center (ATIC)   [website]
Associate Advisor Program   [website]
Associate Provosts
Association of MIT Retirees   [website]
Association of Student Activities   [website]
Athena Computing Environment   [website]
Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation Department   [website]
Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climates, Program in   [website]
Audio-Visual Services   [website]
Audiology Service   [website]
Audit Division
Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems