AAC Liaison Activities - 1994-95

During 1994-95 the AAC met with twelve individuals or groups to discuss various administrative matters. Many, but not all, of our liaison efforts were devoted to information and feedback sessions with reengineering teams. In addition to the meetings listed below, the AAC provided feedback to Gerry Isaacson, from Information Systems, as he was developing A Guide to Departmental Recovery Planning. The Committee also provided review of the Safety Office's plan concerning the use of electronic mail as a method of reaching Administrative Officers, Chemical Hygiene Officers, Emergency Action Plan Coordinators, and Safety Coordinators.

Specific liaison meetings included the following:

  • Meeting with Doreen Morris concerning changes in the telephone billing process.
  • Meeting with the Information Technology Transfer Team.
  • Meeting with Jack Donahue and Carol Van Aken to discuss updates and plans for $SUMMIT.
  • Presentation by the Management Reporting Team.
  • Meeting with Jean Dzengeleski about changes in the travel advance and travel voucher forms.
  • Presentation by the Mail Team.
  • Presentation by the Supplier Consolidation Team.
    Meeting with Julie Norris, OSP.
  • Presentation by the Temporary Help (Supplier Consolidation) Team.
  • Demonstration by the Appointment Processing Team.
  • Meeting with Margaret Ann Gray to discuss the efforts of the Training and Development Team, especially with respect to the Performance Evaluation activity.
  • Follow-up meeting with the Appointment Processing Team.

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