AAC Liaison Activities - 1995-96

Liaison meetings in 1995-96 included the following:

  • Meeting with Barbara Roberts, Disability Services Coordinator.
  • Meeting with the Supplier Consolidation Team/Electronic Catalogue Implementation.
  • Team Meeting with Cindy Vallino, to discuss training issues in Management Reporting/Financial Operations.
  • Meeting with the Appointment Processing Team.
  • Meeting with the Electronic Catalog Implementation Team.
  • Meeting with representatives from the Planning Office, Campus Police, and Standard Parking to discuss new parking procedures.
  • Meeting with members of the Training and Development Reengineering Team to discuss training plans for Management Reporting and Financial Operations.
  • Meeting with Penny Guyer to discuss progress on reengineering of MIT's mail services.
  • Meeting with members of the Training and Development Team to discuss development of a Performance Management Model.
  • Meeting with Diane Devlin and Mike Sampson to discuss SAP implementation strategy.
  • Meeting with Karen Nilsson to discuss Measurements for Performance by Physical Plant.
  • Meeting with Jean Dzengeleski and John Hynes to discuss how AAC can improve its liaison activities with Administrative Officers who are piloting reengineered processes, and with Janet Snover to provide information to the Community Involvement Team.
  • Meeting with Kathy Simons from the Family Resource Center to discuss relocation information provided to prospective or incoming faculty, staff, and students.
  • Meeting with Stephanie Neal-Johnsson to discuss Personnel¼s plan to interview support staff members about the quality of the work environment at MIT.

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