The Administrative Advisory Council II (AACII) is sponsored by Executive Vice President Israel Ruiz and Provost Martin Arnold Schmidt and is intended to establish a forum for thoughtful, sustained interaction among representatives of central administration and administrators from academic departments, research labs and centers, to enhance communication and to foster effective working relationships among all administrators.

AACII is also charged with providing a formal mechanism by which central administrative offices contemplating change can obtain input; and with identifying administrative processes or systems that place undue stress and workload on administrators across the Institute and recommending steps to alleviate those situations. AACII is composed of members from a cross-section of departments, labs, centers and central administrative offices. Representatives from the Executive Vice President's and Provost's offices and the previous AACII Chair serve as ex-officio members. The Chair of AACII will also serve as a member of the Administrative Systems and Policies Coordinating Council (ASPCC).

We Want to Hear from You!

To represent the interests and concerns of the administrative community effectively, AACII wants to hear from you.

Please contact us with any ideas, issues, or questions you may have regarding any aspect of administrative life at MIT.

AACII members will also regularly solicit feedback on specific issues or proposed changes that may have an impact on the administrative community.

If you are planning a business process change for which you would like to seek input from AACII, please contact Richard Brewer, Chair of AACII.

Email Lists

Effective 7/1/2010, the AAC-AOquery@mit.edu email list was deactivated and replaced with AOs@mit.edu.  This group email list (AOs@mit.edu) includes AOs and AO equivalents.  In addition, a second email group list (AO-FO@mit.edu) was created for AOs, FOs and AO/FO equivalents.

The membership of these lists are based on an individual’s current role and position. If you feel you should be on these email lists but currently are not, please contact the AACII Chair, Richard Brewer.

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