The MIT Artists Beyond the Desk (ABD) Committee sponsors several visual, literary, and performing arts events throughout the year, featuring many talented MIT community members, mostly support and administrative staff.

ABD is a great opportunity to support the arts at MIT. It takes many creative and dedicated individuals to make ABD the thriving MIT community treasure it is today!

On-going volunteer opportunities:

DAY OF EVENT (usually Wednesdays at Killian Hall)

Volunteers are needed for each event. Interested volunteers DO NOT have to work every event. Working just one or two events per semester is very appreciated!

Stage Manager - The Stage Manager opens and closes the venue, sets-up performance space (if necessary), and greets the artist prior to performance. The Stage Manager will also bring bottled water for the guest artist(s) and present flowers to the performers at the end of the concert.

Assistant Stage Manager - The Assistant Stage Manager will share Stage Manager duties if the Stage Manager is not available for the entire performance.

Usher - The usher hands-out programs at concerts and assists late-comers. (Late-comers are seated during a break in the music during classical concerts.)

Announcer - The announcer welcomes the audience, thanks our sponsors, and introduces the artist(s).

Photographer - The photographer captures the event on "film."


Planning and organizational meetings are held once a month and are open to anyone in the MIT community who is interested in supporting the mission of the MIT ABD Committee. Volunteers are always needed to assist team leaders behind the scenes in the areas of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, and Public Relations and Web Design. For more information, feel free to email us at abd@mit.edu.

ABD Leadership Committee:

Shirley Entzminger, Co-Chair, Literary Arts Director, Visual Arts Director
Barbara Keller, Co-Chair

Gracie Dorneus , Public Relations Director
Jim Eggleston, Web Master
Joe Hankins, Performing Arts Director

Volunteers and friends of ABD:

Mindy Baughman
Nancy Boyce
Jennifer Chapman
Laura Chichisan

Lena Davis

Mary Gallagher
Elizabeth Green
Joseph Hankins
Graham Haskin
Julia Hollingsworth-Brown

Debi Kedian, Past Co-Chair, consultant, life-long member

Josephina Lee

Marion Leeds-Carroll

Judith Leonard, Past Co-Chair, consultant, life-long member

Ruth Levitsky
Kate Lindberg
BJ Magoon
Kate Moynihan
Idulia Morgan

Mariann Murray

Molly Ruggles

Christina Ruhfel

Karen Semerjian
Richard St. Clair

Hao Wen
Thomas White

Linda Williams

Ann Marie Willer
Weijia Zhang

ABD is a subcommittee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues (WGSSI), and is funded in part by WGSSI, the Council for the Arts at MIT and MIT Human Resources.

We'd like to thank MIT Audio Visual Services and CopyTech for their generous support.