18.S34 (Fall 2012): CLASS PROBLEMS

Problems based on class lectures, as well as supplementary problems, will be posted during the week of the lecture. You are expected to solve on your own problems which you hand in. Some collaboration with other students in the seminar is o.k. as long as you don't simply copy someone else's work. You should also not hand in any problems whose solution you are already familiar with. If you get completely stuck you can hand in solutions from another source, provided: (1) the solution is written up in your own words, (2) you understand the solution, and (3) you indicate on your paper the source of the solution. You should hand in exactly six problems each week, at least four from the problem set based on the lecture. Do not hand in supplementary problems rated less than [2]; these are too easy. Please do not hand in more than six problems, as this creates extra work for the graders.

Problem sets will be due in class the first Tuesday after they are handed out, unless otherwise specified.