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Alex Byrne

Professor of Philosophy, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT

My main interests are philosophy of mind (especially perception), metaphysics (especially color) and epistemology (especially self-knowledge). Recently I've started working on philosophical issues relating to sex and gender (probably ill-advisedly). To make matters worse, I am writing a book on these topics. The beetle was painted by my brother Felix.


Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Building 32-D808
Cambridge MA 02139-4307, USA

P: +1 617 258 6106
T: @byrne_a


You can find all my published work on my PhilPeople page; if you have trouble accessing any of the material please email me. Here is my CV.

Recent papers and articles
"Gender muddle: reply to Dembroff", Journal of Controversial Ideas 1: 1-24 (2021).
"Rosenthal on mental qualities", Qualitative Consciousness: Themes from the Philosophy of David Rosenthal, ed. J. Weisberg, (CUP, forthcoming).
"Perception and probability", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2021), DOI: 10.1111/phpr.12768.
"Comment on Yli-Vakkuri and Hawthorne, Narrow Content", Philosophical Studies (2020), DOI: 10.1007/s11098-020-01548-2.
(with Callie Burt) "Biological sex and the legal protection of LGBT individuals", Areo, August 20, 2020.
"GenderGate: some comments", June 16, 2020.
"Concepts, belief, and perception", Concepts in Thought, Action, and Emotion: New Essays, ed. C. Demmerling and D. Schröder (Routledge, 2021)
"Are women adult human females?", Philosophical Studies 177: 3783-803 (2020).
"Review of Brewer, Perception and its Objects", Mind, forthcoming
"Schellenberg's Capacitism", Analysis 79: 713-19 (2019).
(with David Hilbert) "The science of color and color vision", The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour, ed. D. Brown and F. Macpherson (Routledge, 2020).
(with David Hilbert) "Objectivist reductionism", The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour, ed. D. Brown and F. Macpherson (Routledge, 2020).
"What is gender identity?", Arc Digital January 9 (2019).
"Is sex socially constructed?", Arc Digital November 30 (2018).
"Is sex binary?", Arc Digital November 1 (2018).
"Perception and ordinary objects", The Nature of Ordinary Objects, ed. J. Cumpa and B. Brewer (OUP, 2019).
(with David Hilbert) "Color relationalism and relativism", Topics in Cognitive Science 9: 172-92 (2017).
Recent books
Transparency and Self-Knowledge (OUP, 2018).
(with G. Rosen et al.) The Norton Introduction to Philosophy, 2nd ed. (Norton, 2018).
Older popular pieces
"Cheating death"
"Knowing right and wrong"
"What mind-body problem?"
"Knowing our minds"
"Is snow white?"
All published in that estimable organ, the Boston Review.