The Independent Activities Period (IAP) takes place for four weeks in January and is an integral part of the Institute's educational program. Students, faculty, staff, and other members of the MIT community organize about 600 noncredit activities and 100 for-credit subjects. These are publicized on the IAP website, beginning in October. In addition, there are many individually arranged projects that are not officially publicized.

Details about for-credit subject registration, the credit limit, lottery subjects, grading, and deadlines are published on the Registrar’s Office web site.

Any member of the MIT Community (student, faculty member, or staff) may organize a non-credit activity under the sponsorship of an MIT academic or administrative department, laboratory, center, or student group. A community member may also sponsor a non-credit activity independently. Information for organizing credit or non-credit subjects can be found on the IAP website. If you have questions regarding IAP, contact iap-www@mit.edu.