Registration for Summer Session

A limited number of MIT subjects are offered in Summer Session. MIT students may register for Summer Session provided they completed the preceding spring term and have not withdrawn or graduated.

The Summer Session Catalog, available online in April, includes information on admissions, tuition, financial aid and housing, as well as a list of subjects offered. Instructions for summer registration can be found on the Registrar’s website.

In May, students can pre-register for Summer Session online using WebSIS. There is no credit limit for Summer Session.

Students who have just completed their freshman year will no longer be on ABC/No Record grading during Summer Session.

Sophomores may not designate subjects as Exploratory during Summer Session. Juniors and seniors may use the Junior-Senior P/D/F option for Summer Session subjects.

Summer UROPs for credit are possible through registration for an appropriate departmental UROP subject number; however, regular summer tuition charges apply to these courses. For more information, visit the UROP website.