Grade Reports and Official Transcripts

A grade report is very different from a transcript. A grade report is the internal record and is used mainly as an advising tool. It lists the student's terms of registration, Course, subject numbers, subject units, and grades with plus and minus modifiers. It also shows the term rating and units earned for each term of registration. At the bottom of the grade report is the student's cumulative rating (GPA) and a degree audit of progress through the Institute Requirements. In addition, academic warnings, required withdrawals, disciplinary actions, and degrees earned are indicated on this internal document. Students can access their grade reports, and advisors the grade reports of their advisees, online through WebSIS.

The official transcript is the student’s external record which s/he makes available to others. It contains, in a more detailed manner than the grade report, a term-by-term listing of: the student's year, major (Course), subject numbers, subject titles, units, grades (without plus and minus modifiers), and level as well as birth date, high school/previous college attended, degrees and minors awarded, and disciplinary actions specifically placed on the transcript. It does not indicate academic warnings. Leaves of absence, whether voluntary or required, that are for full terms are shown by gaps in registration. If a leave occurs during the term, the leave date is indicated. The transcript contains the student's cumulative undergraduate and graduate academic ratings (GPA) but not a student's class rank. Detailed information on the grade report and transcript is published on WebSIS.

A student may order copies of his or her transcript by following the instructions on the Registrar’s Office web site. A fee is charged.

Grades and Grading Policy

Grades are defined in the MIT Bulletin or Rules and Regulations of the Faculty. The Registrar's Office has complete information regarding grades on its website. Topics include: