Academic Exercises and Tests

The faculty has adopted Term Regulations and Exam Policies governing:

  • Class Times
  • Beginning of Term
  • Scheduling Final Examinations
  • Excused Absences from Final Examinations
  • End-of-Term Tests and Assignments

Faculty and students should become familiar with these regulations. They differ for undergraduate and graduate students. Students are encouraged to discuss questions regarding individual subjects and the term regulations with the instructor as early in the term as possible. Visit Term Regulations for more information.

Student Absences for Religious Observances

Massachusetts state law regarding student absence due to religious beliefs has been adopted by the Institute and is available under the MIT Policies and Procedures, Section 9.7.3.

Advanced Standing Examinations

Advanced Standing Examinations (ASEs) are one means through which students can obtain credit for MIT subjects without enrolling in the subject. Passing an MIT ASE will place the student into the next sequential subject. Only students who have never been registered for or attended class at MIT in the subject concerned may take these examinations. Special students are not eligible to take Advanced Standing Examinations. Except for entering freshmen and transfer students, who may take Advanced Standing Examinations offered during Orientation, a student must petition to take an Advanced Standing Examination. See the Registrar's site for directions and grading policies.

Being Excused from a Final Examination

An undergraduate who has been passing a subject may be granted permission to miss or postpone work during the last two weeks of the term, including the final, because of significant personal or medical problems. The student should discuss the circumstances with a dean in Student Support Services (S3) and notify the subject instructor and his or her advisor in advance of the need to miss a final or other work. Procedures are described on the Student Support Services (S3) site.